10 Facts about Louis XIV

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Facts about Louis XIV present the interesting information about Louis le Grand or Louis the Great. He was born on September 5th, 1638 and died on September 1st, 1715. He was often called le Roi-Soleil or the Sun King. He was on reign from 1643 until his death in 1715. He became the monarch for House of Bourbon. Louis XIV ruled for 72 years and 110 days. This French leader lived during the age of absolutism.

Facts about Louis XIV 1: the personal rule

In 1661, Louis XIV had his personal rule in France. He applied the centralized government from his capital just like his ancestors.

Facts about Louis XIV

Facts about Louis XIV

Facts about Louis XIV 2: the divine rights of king

Louis XIV also applied the divine rights of king. It means that his monarchical rule was gifted from the divine origin.

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Facts about Louis XIV 3: the powerful French monarch

Louis XIV appeared as one of the powerful French monarchs in the history due to his strong absolute monarchical system.

Facts about Louis XIV 4: the figures

The figures in culture, military and politics gave him many benefits, which include the work of Marasi, Vauban, and Colbert.

Louis XIV Facts

Louis XIV Facts

Facts about Louis XIV 5: the Edict of Nantes

The Edict of Nantes was applied to give rights for the Huguenots. During his reign, it was removed.

Facts about Louis XIV 6: the involvement in European war

Louis XIV was involved in three main wars, which highlighted the power of France in Europe. The wars included Franco-Dutch War, War of the League of Augsburg and War of Spanish Succession.

Louis XIV Pic

Louis XIV Pic

Facts about Louis XIV 7: glory

Louis XIV had his glory increased by having warfare. It shaped the foreign policies of Louis XIV. He would prepare the next war during the peacetime. His diplomats would be taught to develop the strategies and tactics in the behalf of French militia.

Facts about Louis XIV 8: Mazarin

Louis XIV had a declaration, which stated that he would reign without the presence of a chief minister after the death of Mazarin in March 1661.

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Facts about Louis XIV 9: the Code Louis

The Code Louis was known as ‘Grande Ordonnance de Procédure Civile’ of 1667. The legal code was used to regulate the civil procedure.

Louis XIV Signature

Louis XIV Signature

Facts about Louis XIV 10: the prominent decrees

The prominent decrees of Louis XIV were the Code Noir or Black Code and Grande Ordonnance sur les Colonies of 1685.

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