10 Facts about Lucy Stone

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Facts about Lucy Stone narrate the information of the famous American orator, suffragist and abolitionist. She was born on 13 August 1818 and died on 18th October 1893. She struggled hard for the benefits of women. She also promoted rights of women. The first woman who gained the college degree in Massachusetts was Stone. She earned it in 1847.

Facts about Lucy Stone 1: the struggles of Stone

The struggles of Stone were spotted when she encouraged the women to participate in the public speaking. She was also known as an abolitionist because she opposed slavery.

Facts about Lucy Stone

Facts about Lucy Stone

Facts about Lucy Stone 2: the maiden name

The custom stated that the wife should take the surname of her husband. However, Lucy decided to use her maiden name after marriage.

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Facts about Lucy Stone 3: the first National Women’s Rights Convention

The first National Women’s Rights Convention located in Worcester, Massachusetts was initiated by Stone.

Facts about Lucy Stone 4: the rights of women

Stone promoted the rights of women by speaking in front of the legislative bodies.  She collaborated with regional, state and local activists.

Lucy Stone Petition

Lucy Stone Petition

Facts about Lucy Stone 5: the contribution of Stone

Stone also played an important role in the American Woman Suffrage Association and the Woman’s National Loyal League.

Facts about Lucy Stone 6:  as a writer

Stone was also known as a writer.  She focused her writing about the rights of women. She also distributed and published various speeches.

Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone

Facts about Lucy Stone 7: Woman’s Journal

Stone established a weekly periodical called Woman’s Journal. During the women’s rights movement, she was often called the heart and soul, the morning star or the orator.

Facts about Lucy Stone 8: the triumvirate

The triumvirate of women’s suffrage and feminism in 19th century was the collective name for Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Lucy Stanton.

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Facts about Lucy Stone 9: Oberlin College in Ohio

The first college in United States, which accepted the African Americans and women, was Oberlin College in Ohio. She was enrolled in the college at the age of 25 in August 1843.

Lucy Stone Facts

Lucy Stone Facts

Facts about Lucy Stone 10: the dressing style

The dressing style of Stone was very new when she resumed her lectures in 1851. She wore a pair of baggy trousers under a skirt with a short loose jacket. It replaced the prevalent tight French dress, which consisted of a skirt and fitted corset.

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