10 Facts about Luke Cage

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Read Facts about Luke Cage if you want to know the fictional superhero whose real name was Carl Lucas. He is also called Power Man. Marvels Comics introduced this superhero in American comic books. The first appearance of Luke Cage was in June 1972 in Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1. The creators were John Romita, Sr., Archie Goodwin and George Tuska. The superhero is black. Therefore, Luke Cage is considered as the first black superhero who earns the titular role and protagonist in a comic book.

Facts about Luke Cage 1: who is Luke Cage?

Luke Cage is depicted as an ex-convict. He lived in jail due to the crime that he did not do. This character was made during the peak of Blaxploitation genre.

Facts about Luke Cage 2: the superpower

He earned the superpower due to an experiment procedure. He involuntarily accepted the procedure, which turned him into a superhuman. His skin is unbreakable.

Luke Cage Facts

Luke Cage Facts

Facts about Luke Cage 3: a hero of hire

Luke Cage turns into a hero for hire after he is free from the prison.  He is teamed with Iron Fist, another superhero. Both create a duo of Iron Fist and Power Man.

Facts about Luke Cage 4: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is the wife of Luke Cage. She is a private investigator who has super power. The couple is blessed with a daughter.

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Facts about Luke Cage 5: New Avengers

Luke Cage was included in New Avengers in 2005 by the writer Brian Michael Bendis. The Thunderbolts is a group of reformed supervillains whose leader is Luke Cage.

Facts about Luke Cage

Facts about Luke Cage

Facts about Luke Cage 6: the portrayal

During the first season of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage was portrayed by the actor Mike Colter for the first season. Luke Cage also appeared in The Defenders whose character is reprised by Colter.

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Facts about Luke Cage 7: the development of Luke Cage

Due to the popularity of blaxploitation films, Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr., created this character. George Tuska penciled the debut series of Luke Cage comic book. Goodwind wrote the story.

Facts about Luke Cage 8: re-launching Luke Cage

The story about Luke Cage was re-launched in 1992. The setting was in Chicago. The new series is entitled Cage.

Luke Cage Pic

Luke Cage Pic

Facts about Luke Cage 9: the power and abilities

Luke Cage is superman with super power. The muscle tissues and skin are unbreakable due to the high density. The physical injury is not a big deal for him.

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Facts about Luke Cage 10: the resistance of skin

The extreme temperature, biological attacks, corrosives, puncture wounds and high caliber bullets will not damage his skin.

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