10 Facts about Machine Guns

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You will be informed with Facts about Machine Guns in the following post below. This portable or full automatic mounted firearm has the rate of 300-1800 rounds per minutes. If you think that all fully automatic firearms are machine guns, you are wrong. The cannons, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, rifles and submachine guns are included as full automatic firearms. However, they are not machine guns. Check other interesting facts about machine guns below:

Facts about Machine Guns 1: the true machine guns

The true machine guns are mostly used for support weapons for they are included as the military rapid-fire guns.

Facts about Machine Guns 2: the features

The open bolt operation and belt feeding are the two common features of machine guns. The rifles do not have both features.

Facts about Machine Guns

Facts about Machine Guns

Facts about Machine Guns 3: the possessions

The Federal law does not prohibit the possessions of machine guns by the civilians in United States. Many states in US consider it as a legal weapon. However, if you posses it, you need to register the weapon.

Facts about Machine Guns 4: the new production of firearms

The new production of firearms included as machine guns were banned under the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 for most civilians. The legal transferable machine guns were produced before the passing of the law.

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Facts about Machine Guns 5: the design

The design of machine guns is different from semi-automatic firearms. When you use the machine gun, you can fire it as long as you hold down the trigger. However, you have to pull the trigger per round when using the semi-automatic firearms.

Machine Gun

Machine Gun

Facts about Machine Guns 6: the use of machine guns

The machine guns today are mostly used to get the direct and indirect suppressive fire and fight against the light vehicles, aircraft, and personnel.

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Facts about Machine Guns 7: the location of machine guns

The machine guns usually are located at the top of the fast attack vehicles like tanks, aircrafts, and armored vehicles.

Facts about Machine Guns 8: the subdivisions

Machine guns have some subdivisions such as the one for general purpose, heavy, medium and light machine guns.

Machine Guns

Machine Guns

Facts about Machine Guns 9: the weight

The machine guns are very heavy.  When you compare the standard infantry arms with the lightest machine guns, the latter one is still the heavier.

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Facts about Machine Guns 10: the additional crewmembers

The additional crewmembers will be needed when the military carried the machine guns on foot.

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