10 Facts about Mackinac Island

Post On: April 8, 2017
By: Agustina

If you want to have a superb vacation, why don’t you visit Mackinac Island? It has the land area of 9.8 kilometer square or 3.8 sq mi. This island and resort area is located in Michigan, United States. The island sits between the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan. The exact location is in Lake Huron. In 17th century, European people started their exploration on Mackinac Island. Prior the exploration, an Odawa settlement settled here. Check other facts about Mackinac Island below:

Facts about Mackinac Island 1: the importance of Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island was considered as an important part of trading lines. The Great Lakes fur trade was centered here due its strategic position.

Facts about Mackinac Island 2: Fort Mackinac

During the American Revolutionary War, the British constructed Fort Mackinac. During the War of 1812, two battles took place in the island.

Facts about Mackinac Island

Facts about Mackinac Island

Facts about Mackinac Island 3: as a tourist attraction

Mackinac Island appeared as a tourist attraction in the end of 19th century. The restoration and preservations on the historical structures and building were extensively conducted. Mackinac Island is entitled as a National Historic Landmark.

Facts about Mackinac Island 4: the fame of Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is famous because of the motor vehicle bans, impressive architectural buildings and cultural events.

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Facts about Mackinac Island 5: Mackinac Island State Park

Mackinac Island State Park covers almost 80 percent of Mackinac Island. The Mackinac Island Town Crier is the newspaper publication in the island. Since 1957, Wesley H. Maurer Sr. and his family had operated and owned the newspaper.

Mackinac Island Plaque

Mackinac Island Plaque

Facts about Mackinac Island 6: transportation

If you are interested to reach the island, use the high-speed catamaran. All motor vehicles are banned from the island. Some people use a bike, while others prefer to walk. Some decide to ride on horseback.

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Facts about Mackinac Island 7: how to get to Mackinac Island

You can reach Mackinac Island via a number of transportation modes such as by small aircraft, by ferry and by private boat.

Facts about Mackinac Island 8: during the winter season

If you are interested to come to Mackinac Island during the winter season, the snowmobile is a good mode.

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island

Facts about Mackinac Island 9: staying at the island

If you want to visit Mackinac Island for a couple of days, you can stay in the bed and breakfast and hotels. The visitors are not allowed to camp here.

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Facts about Mackinac Island 10: the downtown stress

You will spot many restaurants and retail stores along the downtown streets.

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