10 Facts about Lindisfarne

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Check the details about a tidal island located at the northeast coast of England on Facts about Lindisfarne. People often call it as Holy Island. The origin of Lindisfarne was tracked back in the sixth century. It was restored after it was invaded by the Vikings and conquered by the Normans of England. In 1550, it featured as a small castle.

Facts about Lindisfarne 1: the size of Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne is measured at 2.4 kilometer or 1.5 miles from the north to the south. From the east to the west, it is measured at 4.8 kilometers or 3 miles.

Facts about Lindisfarne

Facts about Lindisfarne

Facts about Lindisfarne 2: the covered area

During the high tide, Lindisfarne has the area of 400 hectare or 1,000 acres. From the mainland of England, Lindisfarne is 1.6 kilometer apart from the nearest point.

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Facts about Lindisfarne 3: the population

Lindisfarne is an inhabited island. The recorded population was 180 people as of March 27th, 2011.

Facts about Lindisfarne 4: Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve

Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is located around the island, which covers 8,750 acres of area. The primary function of the natural reserve is for conserving the sand dunes of the island and intertidal area.

Lindisfarne Map

Lindisfarne Map

Facts about Lindisfarne 5: the warning signs

Some people are interested to visit Lindisfarne. You will spot warning signs, which encourage the people to maintain the marked path. Moreover, they should check on the weather and tide times before visiting the island.

Facts about Lindisfarne 6: the tide times

Both ends of the causeway feature the tide tables for the drivers. After the high tide takes place, the causeway will be opened for three hours. During the stormy weather, the causeway will be closed. Northumberland County council publishes the tide table to make sure that the visitors can enjoy a safer crossing on the island.



Facts about Lindisfarne 7: the lighthouses

Lindisfarne features two lighthouses. Both are the Heugh Hill and Guile Point East. The former one is made of metal framework tower. The latter one is made of stone obelisks.

Facts about Lindisfarne 8: monastery of Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne is considered as a center of Celtic Christianity. Saint Aidan was an Irish monk who established the monastery of Lindisfarne.

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Facts about Lindisfarne 9: the points of interest

Now English Heritage maintains the ruined monastery of the island. It also has a small castle, which had Tudor style.

Lindisfarne Facts

Lindisfarne Facts

Facts about Lindisfarne 10: tourism

In 20th century, tourism in Lindisfarne was stable. It is a good place for those who want to enjoy a quiet place. You can enjoy the impressive weather around the beach.

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