10 Facts about Lincoln Nebraska

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The below Facts about Lincoln Nebraska will tell the readers about the capital of Nebraska. In 2015, it was occupied by 277,348 people.  It spans on the area of 240.38 km square or 92.81 square miles. In Nebraska, Lincoln earns the status as the second most populous city. It was established as a village of Lancaster in 1856. It was selected as the state capital of Nebraska in 1867. Then it was called Lincoln.

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 1: the capital building

The capitol building was designed by Bertram G. Goodhue.   The construction ended in 1932. In United States, the Lincoln’s capital earns the second place as the tallest capitol in the nation.



Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 2: the major employers in Lincoln

The main employers in Lincoln are the US government and state government. Other important employers are in the sectors of manufacturing and service industries. However, the third largest employer is taken by University of Nebraska. The enrollment of students reaches 25,006 students.

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Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 3: the greater Midwest Silicon Prairie

Lincoln is a home of the greater Midwest Silicon Prairie used to call the region, which has growing high tech sector.

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 4: the refugees

In 1970s, the United States Department of Nebraska designated Lincoln as a refugee friendly city. it has been a home for the refugees of Yazidi, Sudanese, Karen and Vietnamese.

Lincoln Nebraska Facts

Lincoln Nebraska Facts

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 5: Lincoln Public Schools

At least 3,200 students from 118 countries in the world have been supported by Lincoln Public Schools in 2016/2017.

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 6: the total area

The total area of Lincoln Nebraska is 240.38 km square. The water area accounts for 3.50 km square, while the land area accounts for 236.85 km square.

Lincoln Nebraska

Lincoln Nebraska

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 7: the climate

Based on the Kopper Dfa, Lincoln has the humid continental climate. The people experience the four seasons. The hot temperature is spotted during the summer season. The winter usually is dry and cold.

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 8: a Music City

Lincoln is often called as a Music City due to its emerging music scene after the opening of Pinnacle Bank Arena in 2013.

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Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 9: The live music venues

The live music venues in Lincoln include the Zoo Bar, Duffy’s Tavern, Pinnacle Bank Arena and Bourbon Theatre.

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska

Facts about Lincoln Nebraska 10: the famous musical groups

For Against, Remedy Drive, Matthew Sweet, the Bathtub Dogs, and Dirtfedd are some musical groups who come from Lincoln.

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