10 Facts about Long Island

Post On: March 7, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Long Island inform the readers with an island located in New York State of US. It has four counties. They are Suffolk, Nassau, Kings and Queens. The former two ones are situated to the east side. It has the land area of 3,630 km square or 1,401 sq miles. In United States, it is considered as the eleventh largest island. Compared to Rhode Island, Long Island is larger because Rhode Island only has the area of 3,140 km square or 1,214 sq mi. Let us check other interesting facts about Long Island below:

Facts about Long Island 1: the population in 2015

In 2015, Long Island was a home for 7,838,722 people. Almost 40 percent people of the state inhabited Long Island. The population density reaches 2,160.3 people per km square or 5,595.1 per sq mi.

Battle of Long island

Battle of Long island

Facts about Long Island 2: the diversity

The diversity of Long Island is high in term of ethnicities and cultures. The near shorelines areas are the home of some richest and wealthiest neighborhood.

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Facts about Long Island 3: the commercial aviation

The commercial aviation is an important business in Long Island for it is a home to three airports of Islip MacArthur Airport, LaGuardia Airport and JFK International Airport.

Facts about Long Island 4: the economy

The economy in Long Island is also contributed by the presence of the scientific research and biotechnology companies. It becomes a center of computer industry due to the presence of Zebra Technologies, Computer Associates and Sperry Rand.

Long Island facts

Long Island facts

Facts about Long Island 5: the Hauppauge Industrial Park

The Hauppauge Industrial Park in Long Island earns the title as the largest industrial park of East Coast. The 71,000 Long Islanders work for 1,300 companies in the industrial park.

Facts about Long Island 6: the agricultural sector

The agricultural sector is found at the eastern part of Long Island. The potato fields are replaced by vineyards in North Folk.

Long Island image

Long Island image

Facts about Long Island 7: the fresh fruit picking

One of the interesting activities to do when you visit the farms in Long Island is the fresh fruit picking.

Facts about Long Island 8: fishing industry

Montauk, Northport and Huntington are the primary centers of fishing industries in Long Island.

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Facts about Long Island 9: the law enforcement

The New York City Police Department enforces the laws in Queens and Brooklyn. The Suffolk County Police Department is responsible for the law enforcement in Suffolk.

Long Island pic

Long Island pic

Facts about Long Island 10: cuisines

Due to the proximity of Long Island with beaches, seafood is the primary cuisine here.

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