10 Facts about Magic the Gathering

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Richard Garfield was the creator of a trading card game called Magic or Magic: The Gathering. Wizard of the Coast was the first publisher of this card game in 1993. As of 2015, Magic had been played by at least 20 million players around the world. The popularity of this trading card game continues until today. Many formats are available to play Magic the Gathering. Moreover, it may involve two or more players. Let us find out other interesting facts about Magic the Gathering below:

Facts about Magic the Gathering 1: planeswalkers

Planewalker is a term used to call the wizards, which have a battle in each game of Magic. It has the ability to employ creatures, artifacts and spells.

Facts about Magic the Gathering 2: the original concept

A number of traditional fantasy role-playing games have inspired the creation of Magic the Gathering. Compared to other card games, the rules of Magic are more complex.  Additionally, it has more cards to play. The expansion sets will release the new cards on the game.

Magic the Gathering Facts

Magic the Gathering Facts

Facts about Magic the Gathering 3: community

Due to the popularity of Magic the Gathering, the community of Magic players is established. An international competition of Magic is also organized by the global Magic community. They will gather and compete in the game.

Facts about Magic the Gathering 4: the value

The value of Magic the Gathering cards depends on the utility and rarity. The value of the cards is super high if they have special abilities.

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Facts about Magic the Gathering 5: the prices

The price is also determined by the utility and rarity. If the card is very rare, people will like to spend thousands of dollars to get it.

Magic the Gathering Players

Magic the Gathering Players

Facts about Magic the Gathering 6: who designed the game?

Magic The Gathering was designed by a doctoral candidate at University of Pennsylvania. His name is Richard Garfield. He tried to refine the game by working along with the local volunteer playtesters.

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Facts about Magic the Gathering 7: the general release

On 5 August 1993, the general release of Magic the Gathering took place.

Facts about Magic the Gathering 8: the trademark

Magic The Gathering was selected as the trademark of the game. At first, it was simply called the Magic.

Facts about Magic the Gathering

Facts about Magic the Gathering

Facts about Magic the Gathering 9: the initial players

The initial players of Magic were the players of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Facts about Magic the Gathering 10: expansions

Expansions were made after it gained high popularity. In December 1993, the first expansion was marked by releasing Arabians Nights.

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