10 Facts about Malcolm Gladwell

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Look at Facts about Malcolm Gladwell if you want to know a speaker, author and journalist from Canada. However, he was born in England on 3rd September 1963. His full name is Malcolm Timothy Gladwell. Since 1996, he worked for The New Yorker as a staff writer. He has written five books and all of them are included in the bestseller list of The New York Times. You will be informed with more interesting facts about Gladwell below:

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 1: the first two books

Let us find out the first two books of Gladwell. In 2000, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference was published.

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 2: other books

In 2008, he published Outliers: The Story of Success. It was followed by another book published in 2009 with the title What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures. In 2013, Gladwell published David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants and his journalism collection.

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 3: a host

Gladwell also takes a new role as a host for Revisionist History.

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 4: the scope of his articles and books

The works of Gladwell covers a number of fields such as social psychology, psychology and sociology reflected in his articles and books.

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Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 5: the college years

If you think that Gladwell had great mark when he was at school, you are wrong. His life at school was not fruitful. Therefore, he chose advertising.

Malcolm Gladwell Facts

Malcolm Gladwell Facts

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 6: journalism position

Finally, he ended up in journalism after he was rejected several times in advertising agencies. He relocated to Indiana to join The American Spectator.

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Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 7: writing for a conservative magazine

Gladwell was hired by a conservative magazine called Insight on the News. The owner of the magazine was Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon.

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 8: The Washington Post

In 1987 until 1996, The Washington Post hired him to write about science and business. It took 10 years for him to study the topic.

Malcolm Gladwell Pic

Malcolm Gladwell Pic

Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 9: in the New Yorker

In 1996, he began working at The New Yorker where he wrote about fashion for the first assignment.

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Facts about Malcolm Gladwell 10: the famous articles

The two famous articles of Gladwell were “The Coolhunt” and “The Tipping Point”. Both of them were published in 1996 at the New Yorker.

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