10 Facts about Maltese

Post On: May 4, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Maltese inform the readers with a small breed of dog.  It has the biological name of Canis familiaris Maelitacus. It is included in the Toy Group. It was believed that the dog was native to Central Mediterranean Area.  Actually, the name of the dog is taken from the name of Malta. It is an island country located in Mediterranean. In 1954, Maltese earned the status as a FCI breed. On 27th November 1989, Maltese had the current FCI standard.  You will get more information about Maltese by reading the below post:

Facts about Maltese 1: American Kennel Club

In 1888, Maltese was recognized as a dog breed by American Kennel Club. On 10th March 1964, it had the latest standard.

Facts about Maltese 2: characteristics

Maltese had impressive characteristics. It has brown eyes and a black button nose. Moreover, it has curled tail.

Facts about Maltese

Facts about Maltese

Facts about Maltese 3: the expressive look

Maltese has expressive look due to the presence of darker skin pigmentation around the drop ears. The nose of Maltese often shades because of lack exposure of direct sunlight. It makes the nose appear light brown or pale pink. The nose will turn black again if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Facts about Maltese 4: coat

The curly hair is mostly spotted behind the ears of Maltese. The coat is pure white, silky and long.

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Facts about Maltese 5: dog allergies

The people who have dog allergies are recommended to have Maltese as their pet because this breed does not shed. Due to the presence of short coat, it will be easier for the owner to manage the dog.

Maltese Facts

Maltese Facts

Facts about Maltese 6: the puppy cut

The puppy cut is considered as the popular cut for Maltese.  The hair in the head, chest, legs and skirt will be shaved and trimmed entirely. It will have the length less than one inch.

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Facts about Maltese 7: the adult Maltese

The weight of an adult Maltese is between 1.4 to 4.5 kilogram or 3 to 10 lbs. The accepted weight of American Kennel Club for a Maltese is around 1.8 to 2.7 kilograms. The European standard for a Maltese weight is around 3 to 4 kilogram according to FCI.

Facts about Maltese 8: a companion dog

Maltese develops a playful and lively character. Therefore, it appears as a good companion dog.

Maltese Pic

Maltese Pic

Facts about Maltese 9: the abandonment

In January to August 2010, there were 1,208 Maltese neglected in Seoul, South Korea according to the report of Korean National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service.

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Facts about Maltese 10: regular grooming

If you want to keep the coat a little bit longer, make sure that you perform regular grooming on the dog.

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