10 Interesting Facts about Magpies

Post On: April 18, 2017
By: Agustina

Let me show you the birds of the crow family, Corvidae on Facts about Magpies. It is included in the list of the animals with high intelligence.  In a mirror, this bird is capable to recognize itself. The species of magpies include the black and white Eurasian magpies. The regions of Kargil and Leh in Ladakh, India are the home of magpies. Here are other interesting facts about magpies to notice:

Facts about Magpies 1: the lineages of magpies

The lineages of magpies are divided in two major types.  The first lineage is the Holarctic species, which has the white or black coloration. This group has closer relationship with Eurasian jays and crows. The other lineage has the dominant blue or green color. Most of them are from South and East Asia.

Facts about Magpies 2:  the members of magpies

The member of magpies includes the Iberian magpie and azure-winged magpie. In the past, both of them were considered as the same species. Actually, both are different species.

Facts about Magpies

Facts about Magpies

Facts about Magpies 3: the Holarctic magpies

The magpies in the genus pica include yellow-billed magpie, black-billed magpie, Eurasian magpie, and Korean magpie. They are included in black or white magpies or Holarctic magpies.

Facts about Magpies 4: the oriental magpies

The oriental magpies have the dominant blue or green color. It has two genuses of Urocissa and Cissa. The latter one include common green magpies, Javan green magpie, Indochinese green magpie and bornean green magpie.  Genus urocissa have a number of species such as Taiwan blue magpie, Sri Lanka blue magpie, white winged magpie, and red-billed blue magpie.

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Facts about Magpies 5: the azure-winged magpies

The Iberian magpies have the biological name of Cyanopica cooki. Cyanopica cyanus is the biological name of azure-winged magpie.

Magpies Pic

Magpies Pic

Facts about Magpies 6: the Australian magpies

The Australian magpie is not a corvid. It is included in the family Cracticidae with black and white plumage. The biological name is Cracticus tibicen.

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Facts about Magpies 7: the black magpie

The black magpie has the biological name Platysmurus leucopterus. If you think that it is a jay or a magpie, you are wrong. Actually, it is a treepie.

Facts about Magpies 8: the namesake

Magpie has been found in literature and popular culture. One of the famous English fairy tales is The Magpie’s Nest.



Facts about Magpies 9:  “Heckle and Jeckle”

The American cartoon shorts released in a series in 1960s was “Heckle and Jeckle”.

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Facts about Magpies 10: a rock band

In October 2016, Rich Robinson co-founded a rock band under the name ‘”The Magpie Salute”.

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