10 Facts about Marigolds

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The impressive flower will be explained on Facts about Marigolds. The sunflower family of Compositae and Asteraceae are included in the genus tagetes. The common marigold is included in the genus. It has the biological name of Calendula officinalis. It is often called as the Scotch marigold, ruddles or pot marigold.  It is believed that marigold is originated from southern Europe. However, the exact origin of this species is still unknown in the history of cultivation. Here are other interesting facts about marigold to notice:

Facts about Marigolds 1: cultivation

Today, marigold is cultivated in various parts of the world including in southern England, Europe and the temperate areas in the world.

Facts about Marigolds 2: the plant

The plant of marigold reaches the height of 31 inches or 80 cm. It has the oblong-lanceolate leaves with the length of 2 to 7 inches or 5 to 17 cm.



Facts about Marigolds 3: flowers

The diameter of the flower head is measured at 4 to 7 cm.  The orange-yellow color defines the flower of marigold. If the environmental condition is great, the flowers are spotted all year long.

Facts about Marigolds 4: how to cultivate marigold

It is easy to cultivate marigold. It grows in many types of soil. Make sure that you live in the sunny location. You have to treat marigold as an annual plant even though it is perennial if you plant it in colder areas.

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Facts about Marigolds 5: the versatile plants

Marigold is a versatile plant for it lives well in different kinds of soils. There is no need to wonder that many gardening experts like to cultivate it.



Facts about Marigolds 6: pot marigolds

You can grow marigolds inside a pot by putting a seed inside the soil. In less than two months, the seed will be bloomed. The flowers are ranging from oranges, golds and yellows.

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Facts about Marigolds 7: treatment

The blossom production will be maintained if you can have regular removal on the dying flower heads.

Facts about Marigolds 8: the cultivars

The famous cultivars of marigolds include ‘Pink Surprise’, ‘Indian Prince’, ‘Jane Harmony’, ‘Lemon’ and ‘Sun Glow’.

Facts about Marigolds

Facts about Marigolds

Facts about Marigolds 9: edible flowers

The edible types of marigold are the pot marigold florets. The bright color will increase the appetite of the people. That is why the floret is often spotted in the dishes or salads as a garnish.

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Facts about Marigolds 10: the uses of marigold

Throughout the history, marigold flowers have been used for cosmetics, foods, fabric dry and medicinal herbs in ancient Indian, Middle Eastern, Roman and Greek cultures.

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