10 Fun Facts about Melons

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Literally, you will find the interesting information in this article that revealed the facts about melons. Most people love this fruit. Melon is the plants of the Cucurbitaceae family that has sweet taste, edible, and round and fleshy fruit. Botanically, melon classified as a berry, and specifically a “pepo”. Let us read the others facts about melon in the explanation below.

Facts about Melons 1: The History of Melon

Melons were originally from Africa and southwest Asia. However, they gradually began to appear in Europe toward the end of the Western Roman Empire. In fact, melons discovered between 1350 and 1120 BC.

Facts about Melons 2: The Word of Melon

The word of melon derives from Latin word melopepo. The meaning of “melon” itself a compound of apple and any kind of tree fruit.

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Facts about Melons 3: The Benincasa Genus of Melon

The Benincasa genus melon is only winter melon. In India, the mature winter melon is a cooking vegetable that commonly used.

Facts about Melons 4: The Egusi Melon

The egusi melon is classified as a citrullus genus. It is a wild melon. The appearance of egusi melon is similar to watermelon. This kind of melon is inedible, but the seeds are a valuable food source in Africa.

Facts about Melons 5: Watermelon

Watermelon is the melon from the citrillus genus. Watermelon is originally from Africa, where evidence indicates that it has been cultivated for over 4,000 years.

Facts about Melons 6: The Cucumis Genus of Melon

Melon in this kind is the culinary fruit, and include the majority of culinary melons. So many kinds of melons including the cucumis genus, such as horned melon, muskmelon, etc.

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Facts about Melons 7: The European Cantaloupe Melon

The European Cantaloupe melon classified as cucumis melo cantalupensis in the cucumis genus. The appearance of this kind of melon is lightly ribbed, pale green skin was domesticated in the 18th century, in Cantalupo in Sabina , Italy, by the pope’s gardener. In Australia and New Zealand, it is known as ‘rockmelon’.

Facts about Melons 8: Argos, Canary, Casaba,  and Hami Melon

Argos, canary, and hami melon are including the cucumis genus. Argos melon has a large, oblong, with orange wrinkle skin, orange flesh with strong aroma. this kind of melon grows in the area of Greece. Canary melon is a large, brigh-yellow melon with a pale green to white inner flesh. Casaba melon has a bright-yellow with a smooth and furrowed skin. Hami melon is originally from Hami, Xianjiang China. Flesh is sweet and crisp.

Facts about Melons 9: Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon including the cucumis genus melon. it has a sweet, juicy, and green-cloured flesh. It grows in Lanzhou, China. There is a second variety that has yellow skin skin, white flesh and tastes like a moist pear.

10 less-known facts about melons

Facts about Melons 10: Kolkhoznitsa, Japanese, Korean and Sugar Melon

Kolkhoznitsa, Japanesee, Korean and Sugar melon classified in the cucumis genus of melon.

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