Top 10 Facts about Maple Trees

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Look at Facts about Maple Trees if you want to know a tree or shrub called as acer. The common name is maple tree. It is indigenous to Asia. It consists of 28 species. They can be found in North America, northern Africa, and Europe. The maple tree species, which can be found up to South Hemisphere, is Acer laurinum. Let me show you other interesting facts about maple trees below:

Facts about Maple Trees 1: Acer pseudoplatanus

The most common maple species, which can be found in Europe, is Acer pseudoplatanus. It has the common name of sycamore maple.

Facts about Maple Trees 2: leaves

There are a number of species in Lepidoptera order, which consumes the maple leaves.  The sap of maple is also consumed by aphids. The farmers may apply a dimethoate spray to deal with the pest.

Facts about Maple Trees

Facts about Maple Trees

Facts about Maple Trees 3: the threat

Anoplophora glabripennis is known as the Asian long-horned beetle, which provides a high level of threat in all maple species located in Canada and United States.

Facts about Maple Trees 4: destruction

The maples trees and other species located in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Illinois have been destroyed due the infestation of pests.

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Facts about Maple Trees 5: the importance of maple leaf

Maple leaf in Canada receives an important status for it is considered as the coat of arms of the country. It is also applied in the flag of Canada.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

Facts about Maple Trees 6: the national tree

In Canada, maple is called as the national tree. It represents endurance and strength.

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Facts about Maple Trees 7: the species of maple in Canada

Canada has 10 species of maple trees. Each province has one maple species.

Facts about Maple Trees 8: Japanese maple

Japanese maple has the biological name of Acer palmatum. It has more than 1,000 cultivars. The famous one is coralbark maple or Sango kaku in Japanese.

Maple Trees

Maple Trees

Facts about Maple Trees 9: the uses

Maple trees are not only used to produce maple syrups. The municipalities, businesses and homeowners also use it as a decorative tree. The most popular types of maples include red maple, Japanese maple, silver maple and Norway maple.

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Facts about Maple Trees 10: the art of bonsai

The Japanese people are also interested to have maple trees as the art of bonsai. The prevalent maples for bonsai include Montpellier maple, Field maple, Amur maple, Trident maple and Japanese maple.

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