10 Facts about Lotus Flower

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Let me show you the aquatic plant on Facts about Lotus Flower. The biological name is Nelumbo nucifera. The common names include lotus, lotus flower, bean of India, sacred lotus and Indian lotus. It is included in the family Nelumbonaceae. The current name for the species of lotus flower is Nelumbo nucifera according to the Linnaean binomial. The seeds of lotus flowers will be viable for many years if it grows in the suitable environment. That is why this aquatic plant has perennial status.

Facts about Lotus Flower 1: the oldest seeds

The oldest seeds of lotus flower were found in northeastern China at a dry lakebed. They were traced back in 1,300 years ago.

Facts about Lotus Flower

Facts about Lotus Flower

Facts about Lotus Flower 2: the native areas

Lotus flowers are originated from Queensland, Australia and Tropical Asia.

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Facts about Lotus Flower 3: the status

Lotus flower has an important status in Vietnam and India. It is called as their national flower.  Lotus flower is mainly cultivated for water garden for it is an aquatic flower.

Facts about Lotus Flower 4: the roots and leaves

The river bottom and pond soil feature the roots of lotus. The leaves are floating at the surface of water. The flowers are seen above the leaves.

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

Facts about Lotus Flower 5: the size of lotus plant

On average, the height of lotus plant is around 150 cm. It spreads around 3 meters horizontally. Some cite that it reaches the height more than five meters.

Facts about Lotus Flower 6: the size of leaves and flowers

The diameter of lotus flower reaches 20 cm, while the diameter of leaves is around 60 cm.

Lotus Flower Root

Lotus Flower Root

Facts about Lotus Flower 7: temperature regulation

Lotus has an amazing way for regulating the temperature of flower. This ability is often compared with the warm-blooded animals and human beings. Even though the air temperature is reduced at 50 degrees F, the lotus was capable to maintain the temperature at 86 to 95 degrees F according to the study of physiologists at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Facts about Lotus Flower 8: the edible parts

The edible parts of lotus flowers include the young leaves, seeds, rhizomes and flowers.

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Facts about Lotus Flower 9: how to use lotus

The leaves are used for wrapping food, while the flower petals are used for garnish.

Lotus Flower Facts

Lotus Flower Facts

Facts about Lotus Flower 10: cooking

It is recommended for the people to cook the lotus before eating due to the risk of parasite transmission of raw lotus.

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