10 Facts about Lima Beans

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Facts about Lima Beans explain a legume, which has the scientific name of Phaseolus lunatus. The people grow this tree to get the beans or edible seeds. The common name of this bean is sieva bean, butter bean or lima bean. The origin of the bean is always associated with the Mesoamerican and Andean histories.

Facts about Lima Beans 1: the domestications

It was believed that the lima beans experienced two different domestications. The first domestication was traced back in 2000 BC, which produced the Lima type, or the large-seeded one. On the other hand, the second domestication generated the Sieva type, which had the small seeds dated back in 800 AD in Mesoamerica.

Facts about Lima Beans

Facts about Lima Beans

Facts about Lima Beans 2: the cultivation of lima beans

Lime beans were cultivated in Rio Grande by 1300. Then it spread into the Old World in 1500s.

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Facts about Lima Beans 3: the Sieva typed lima beans

The Sieva lima beans are cultivated in the elevation below 5,200 feet or 1,600 meter. The Lima type of the large seeded ones are grown in north of Peru.

Facts about Lima Beans 4: the Moche culture

Lima beans were very important in the Moche culture. There is no need to wonder that the seed was inspired them to create artworks.

Lima Beans

Lima Beans

Facts about Lima Beans 5: the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru

Lima beans were heavily exported to Europe and Americas when Peru served as the Spanish Viceroyalty.

Facts about Lima Beans 6: the butter bean

Butter bean is another variety of lima bean. It has yellow or white color with flat and large shape. In some parts of the world, butter beans and lima beans are seen as different variety. On the other hand, both are seen as the similar variety in United States.

Lima Bean

Lima Bean

Facts about Lima Beans 7: lima bean in Spain

Lima beans are used as the primary ingredient for Valencian paella. Garrofón is the term to call lima bean in Spain.

Facts about Lima Beans 8: the differences of butter bean and lima bean

Butter beans have yellow color and large shape. On the other hand, the green tone and small shape are seen in lima beans.

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Facts about Lima Beans 9: the tree

The tree of lima bean has the height of 1 to 5 meters.

Lima Bean Facts

Lima Bean Facts

Facts about Lima Beans 10: the length of mature seed

The length of mature seed is measured at 0.39 to 1.18 inches or 1 to 3 cm.

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