10 Facts about Lavender

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Facts about Lavender tell us the flowering plant also called as lavandula. It is included in the family Lamiaceae. The plants live in various parts of the world like in southeast India, southwest Asia, Mediterranean, eastern Africa, northern Africa, Canary Islands and Cape Verde.  Lavender is originated from Old World. Below is the complete information about lavender:

Facts about Lavender 1: the usage of lavender

There are various reasons why people grow lavender. It can be extracted to produce the essential oils. Lavender is also used for culinary herbs. The people who live in temperate climate grow it for decorating their landscape and gardens.

Facts about Lavender

Facts about Lavender

Facts about Lavender 2: Lavandula angustifolia

Lavandula angustifolia is often called as lavender. It is the most popular cultivated species of lavandula.

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Facts about Lavender 3: the genus lavandula

Lavandula includes the small shrubs, subshrubs, short-lived herbaceous and annual herbaceous perennial plants.

Facts about Lavender 4: the leaves

The leaves of lavender come in different shapes depending on the species. In some cultivated species of lavender, the leaves are simple. Other species have the pinnate or even toothed leaves.

Lavender Pic

Lavender Pic

Facts about Lavender 5: indumentum

Indumentum is the fine hairs found on the surface of leaves in most species of lavender. The essential oil is found here.

Facts about Lavender 6: the flowers of lavender

The colors of lavender flowers are ranging from lilac, violet and blue.   Some species have yellowish and blackish purple flower colors.



Facts about Lavender 7: the common species of lavender

The most common species of lavender cultivated in the world include L. Multifida, L. dentata, L. Stoechas and L. Officinalis.

Facts about Lavender 8: Lavandula stoechas

In some cases, lavender is considered as a threat due to its invasive growth. One of the concerned species is Lavandula stoechas. In some regions of Spain, it is considered as a weed.

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Facts about Lavender 9: the best place to cultivate lavender

The best place to cultivate lavender is on the region with full sun. The soil should be well drained and dry.

Lavender Flowers

Lavender Flowers

Facts about Lavender 10: the essential oil production

Lavender is mostly cultivated for the production of essential oil.  People love it due to the anti inflammatory and antiseptic features. The bath products like shampoo, lotion and soap also contain lavender due to its unique fragrance.

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