10 Facts about Martin Niemoller

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Facts about Martin Niemoller talk about the German anti-Nazi theologian. He was born on January 14th, 1892 and died on March 6th, 1984. His full name is Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller.  People also recognize him as a Lutheran Pastor. At first, he supported Adolf Hitler. In the later life, he did not support Hitler and his nazification, which tried to penetrate inside the Protestant churches in Germany. Let us find out other interesting facts about Martin Niemoller below:

Facts about Martin Niemoller 1: imprisonment

Niemoller was sent to jail in 1937 until 1945 at Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps.

Facts about Martin Niemoller 2: escape

He was capable to escape from the execution. Since he could not do more for the victims, he showed a great regret.

Facts about Martin Niemöller

Facts about Martin Niemöller

Facts about Martin Niemoller 3: Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt

One of the people who initiated Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt was Niemoller.

Facts about Martin Niemoller 4: the point of view

Niemoller was known as an anti-war activist. Moreover, he was known as a vocal pacifist. In 1966 until 1972, he took the role as the vice-chair for War Resisters’ International.

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Facts about Martin Niemoller 5: during the Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, he and Ho Chi Minh met which led into a campaign about the nuclear disarmament.



Facts about Martin Niemoller 6: the birthplace

The birthplace of Niemoller was located in Lippstadt.  His mother was Pauline, while his father was Heinrich Niemöller. He was raised in a conservative family. In 1908, he had abitur exam.

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Facts about Martin Niemoller 7: the early career

The early career of Niemoller was in Imperial Navy of German Empire where he became an officer. He had his first job at SMS Thüringen.

Facts about Martin Niemoller 8: personal life

Niemoller and Else Bremer married on July 20th, 1919. His wife passed away on August 7th, 1961.

Martin Niemöller

Martin Niemöller

Facts about Martin Niemoller 9: Lutheran pastor

In 1919 until 1923, he attended Westphalian William’s-University in Münster to study Protestant theology for he wanted to become a Lutheran pastor. On June 29th, 1924, he was ordained as a pastor. He took the role as a curate for Münster’s Church of the Redeemer by united Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union.

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Facts about Martin Niemoller 10: death

Niemoller passed away at the age of 92 on March 6th, 1984 at Wiesbaden, West Germany.

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