10 Facts about Masai Mara

Post On: July 21, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Masai Mara tell you about a large game reserve located in Narok County, Kenya. The local people call it The Mara. Others call it Maasai Mara or Maasai Mara National Reserve. The natural reserve is called Masai Mara to honor the Maasai Tribe. They are considered as the ancestors who inhabit the region. The term Mara is taken from Maasai language of Maa. It means cloud shadow, savanna, scrub or circle of trees. Let us get other unique about Masai Mara below:

Facts about Masai Mara 1: the notable animals

The notable animals, which inhabit Masai Mara, include wildebeest, Thomson’s gazelle, zebra, Tanzanian cheetah, African leopards and Masai lions.

Facts about Masai Mara 2: Great Migration

Great Migration occurs in Masai Mara in July to October annually. It was conducted by wildebeest.

Facts about Masai Mara

Facts about Masai Mara

Facts about Masai Mara 3: the original establishment

Mara Triangle is included in Masai Mara.  It was founded as a wildlife sanctuary in 1961. It spanned on the region of 200 square miles or 520 sq km.

Facts about Masai Mara 4: extended area

Masai Mara was expanded which spanned on the area of 703 square miles or 1,821 km square in 1961. Then the wildlife sanctuary was transformed into game reserves.  At that time, it was under the management of NCC or Narok County Council.

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Facts about Masai Mara 5: the status

In 1972, the National Reserve Status was given to some parts of the reserve.  The local communities got 61 square miles or 159 km square of area.

Masai Mara Image

Masai Mara Image

Facts about Masai Mara 6: removal

In 1976, the reserve did not feature the additional 63 square miles or area. In 1984, the park was shrunken into 580 square miles or 1,510 km square of area.

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Facts about Masai Mara 7: Mara Triangle

Mara Triangle was under the management of Mara Conservancy in May 2001. It was a nonprofit organization.

Facts about Masai Mara 8: boundaries

Masai Mara shares border with Maasai pastoral ranches to the west, east and north. You will also spot Siria escarpment to the west. The Serengeti Park is seen to the south of the reserve.

Masai Mara

Masai Mara

Facts about Masai Mara 9: the prominent rivers

The prominent rivers, which drain in Masai Mara, include Mara River, Talek River and the Sand River.

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Facts about Masai Mara 10: the Big Five

The Big Five, which include black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, African elephants, leopard and lion, are spotted in Maasai Maa. In the beginning of 1980, the population of the former animal was reduced up to 15 individuals.

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