10 Facts about Mammoth Cave

Post On: May 5, 2017
By: Agustina

Let me tell you the interesting information about a national park located in central Kentucky on Facts about Mammoth Cave. The official name is Mammoth Cave National Park. It takes the record as the world’s longest cave system. It has been called Mammoth-Flint Ridge Cave System after the system of Mammoth Cave was infused with Flint Ridge since 1972. You will get detailed information about the cave by reading the below post:

Facts about Mammoth Cave 1: the establishment of the park

On 1st July 1941, Mammoth Cave was founded as a national park of United States. On 27th October 1981, it earned the status the World Heritage Site. On 26th September 1990, it obtained the title as the international Biosphere Reserve.

Facts about Mammoth Cave 2: the exact location

The exact location of Mammoth Cave is in Edmonson County, Kentucky. It covers the area of 21,380 hectares or 52,830 acres.

Facts about Mammoth Cave

Facts about Mammoth Cave

Facts about Mammoth Cave 3: the center

The center of Mammoth Cave is located on Green River. Nolin River is its tributary. Actually small portion of Barren County and Hart County also covers the park.

Facts about Mammoth Cave 4: the longest known cave system

The longest known cave system in the world is located in Mammoth Cave for it has the passageways measured at 652 kilometres or 405 miles. The second longest cave system is Mexico’s Sac Actun whose length is only half of it.

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Facts about Mammoth Cave 5: the cave tours

Mammoth Cave is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in United States. The cave tour is offered by the National Park Service.

Mammoth Cave Pictures

Mammoth Cave Pictures

Facts about Mammoth Cave 6: the prominent features

The prominent features in Mammoth Cave include Fat Man’s Misery, Frozen Niagara and Grand Avenue. The tour may last from one to six hours depending on the package.

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Facts about Mammoth Cave 7: two tours

If you are not interested with electric-lit routes, you can take the two tours. The paraffin lamps will be carried by the visitors to explore the cave.

Facts about Mammoth Cave 8: the wild tours

If you are interested to have more challenges, you can follow the wild tours, which allows the visitors to explore the dusty tunnels and muddle crawls.

Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave

Facts about Mammoth Cave 9: the famous attraction

The famous attraction in the cave was Echo River Tour. The visitors would explore the underground river on a boat ride.

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Facts about Mammoth Cave 10: the visitor’s center

Mammoth Cave Parkway serves as the visitor’s center and headquarters of Mammoth Cave.

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