Top 10 Facts about Machu Picchu

Post On: April 8, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Machu Picchu are elaborated here. You will spot Inca citadel in Machu Picchu. The location of this impressive 15th century citadel is in Cusco Region in Peru. The citadel is unique for it sits on the height of 7,970 feet or 2,430 m above the sea elevation. According to the archeologists, Pachacuti, the Inca emperor established Machu Picchu as his estate. The emperor lived in 1438 until 1472. Let us get other interesting facts about Machu Picchu by reading the below post:

Facts about Machu Picchu 1: the title

Machu Picchu earned the title as Lost City of the Incas. Actually the title should be used for Vilcabamba. When people talk about the civilization of the Incas, it always reminds them with Machu Picchu.

Facts about Machu Picchu 2: building Machu Picchu

In 1450, Machu Picchu was constructed. However, it was neglected after Spain conquered the land.

Facts about Machu Picchu

Facts about Machu Picchu

Facts about Machu Picchu 3: the international prominence

Machu Picchu was brought in the international prominence by Hiram Bingham, the notable American historian in 1911. During the colonial period, people did not realize about the presence of Machu Picchu.

Facts about Machu Picchu 4: the architectural design

The walls were created from the polished dry stones. The three major structures are the primary features in Machu Picchu. They are the Room of the Three Windows, the Temple of the Sun and Inti Watana.

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Facts about Machu Picchu 5: reconstruction

The reconstruction process took place in Machu Picchu so that the visitors will realize the original building.

Machu Picchu Facts

Machu Picchu Facts

Facts about Machu Picchu 6: as a protected structure

In 1983, Machu Picchu was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 1981, it earned the title as a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary.

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Facts about Machu Picchu 7: the construction date

The construction date of Machu Picchu took place during the rule of two great rulers of Incas. They were Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui and Túpac Inca Yupanqui.

Facts about Machu Picchu 8: Popular District

Residential District or Popular District is occupied by the simplest houses and storage buildings. The lower class people settled here.

Machu Picchu Pictures

Machu Picchu Pictures

Facts about Machu Picchu 9: the royalty area

The noble people lived in royalty area located over the slop where it featured houses in rows.

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Facts about Machu Picchu 10: the forms of houses or rooms

The trapezoid shaped rooms were intended for the princesses. The houses with reddish walls were for the wise persons or amautas.

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