10 Amazing Facts about London Eye

Post On: March 4, 2017
By: Agustina

The giant Ferris wheel in London is explained on Amazing Facts about London Eye. The exact location is on the South Bank of River Thames. Those visiting London should ride London Eye and enjoy the beauty of River Thames and London Skyline from the top of the Ferris wheel. It has been called Coca-Cola London Eye as of January 2015. London Eye has various names nicknames. It has been called the EDF Energy London Eye, Merlin Entertainments London Eye, British Airways London Eye and Millennium Wheel.

Facts about London Eye 1: the record in 1999

London Eye took the record as the tallest Ferris wheel in 1999.

Facts about London Eye

Facts about London Eye

Facts about London Eye 2: the diameter and height

The wheel of London Eye had the diameter of 120 meter or 394 feet. The height of this structure was 135 meter or 443 feet.

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Facts about London Eye 3: losing the record

In 2006, Star of Nanchang surpassed the record of London Eye with the height of 158 meter.

Facts about London Eye 4: the unique design

The operators of London Eye call this Ferris wheel as the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world because the A-frame is installed at one side. Thus, London Eye is different from Singapore and Nanchang wheels.

London Eye

London Eye

Facts about London Eye 5: The Shard

The Shard has an observation deck to view the City of London from their 72nd floor, which surpassed the record of London Eye as the highest public viewing point. However, London Eye still holds the record as the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.

Facts about London Eye 6: the popular tourist attraction

London Eye is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. At least 3.75 million people come to London Eye per year.

London Eye Facts

London Eye Facts

Facts about London Eye 7: the appearance

London Eye is considered as a cultural icon of London. That is why it is often featured in many movies and TV series to depict the city of London.

Facts about London Eye 8: the design

The design of London Eye was inspired from the Chicago Ferris Wheel.

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Facts about London Eye 9: the designers of London Eye

Various architects were involved to design London Eye. They included Frank Anatole, Julia Barfield, David Marks, Malcolm Cook, Steve Chilton, Nic Bailey and Mark Sparrowhawk.

London Eye Image

London Eye Image

Facts about London Eye 10: the marine and foundation works

The marine works were conducted by Beckett Rankine. The foundation works were at the hand of Tony Gee & Partners.

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