10 Facts about Lulworth Cove

Post On: March 28, 2017
By: Agustina

Have you visited the cove located nearby West Lulworth Village? It is one of the most popular destinations in United Kingdom due its location on Jurassic Coast, which earns the Heritage Site Status. Lulworth Cove is in southern England. Every year, it has been visited by at least 500,000 people from United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Find out other interesting facts about Lulworth Cove below.

Facts about Lulworth Cove 1: the primary attraction

The tourists like to come to Lulworth Cove due to the unique landform that it has. In July and August, Lulworth Cove has the highest visit.

Facts about Lulworth Cove 2: other attractions

Lulworth Cove also features nearby attractions like Jurassic Coast sites and Durdle Door. The latter one is a notable filming location.

Facts about Lulworth Cove

Facts about Lulworth Cove

Facts about Lulworth Cove 3: TV program

Due to the beauty of Lulworth Cove, it has been featured in a number of TV programs. It is included in the list of the wonders in southern England.

Facts about Lulworth Cove 4: the entrance

Before you reach Lulworth Cove, you will be amazed with a narrow gap on the bands of limestone. The weathering and wave action produce this gap.

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Facts about Lulworth Cove 5: the unique shape

Lulworth Cove has a unique shape. The wave diffraction produces this amazing shape.  The waves, which struck the cove, have the arched shape due to the presence of narrow gap on the entrance.

Lulworth Cove Facts

Lulworth Cove Facts

Facts about Lulworth Cove 6: the infant cove

Lulworth Cove has an infant cove called Stair Hole. It allows us to know the shape of Lulworth Cove in the past.

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Facts about Lulworth Cove 7: the interest

Lulworth Cove not only attracts the tourists, but also geographers and geologists since 19th century. The first serious study about it took place in 1830s. Today, many geologists from all over the world come to the cove.

Facts about Lulworth Cove 8: World Heritage Site Status

UNESCO awarded Lulworth Cove with World Heritage Site status in 2001. The shape of Lulworth Cove has been preserved by experts.

Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove

Facts about Lulworth Cove 9: the visitors in 2002

Lulworth Cove was visited by 418,595 people in 2002. The visitor center is available along with natural history museum and tourist information center.

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Facts about Lulworth Cove 10: the land

Ministry of Defence is the owner of the land located to the east. It is open for public during the holidays and weekends.

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