10 Facts about Max Dupain

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Facts about Max Dupain inform us about the amazing Australian Photographer. He was one of the most revered Australian’s photographer. Interestingly, he influenced generations of photographer mainly in Australia. Here are the interesting facts may you do not know about Max dupain.

Facts about Max Dupain 1: The Appereance of Dupain

Firstly, Dupain got his first camera as a gift in 1924 due to his interest in photography. After that, he decided to join the Photographic Society of NSW. Eventually, Dupain was considered as pioneer of modernism in Australian’s photograph.

Facts about Max Dupain 2: The Time of Birth

Maxwell Spencer Dupain or well-known as Max Dupain was born in Sydney, Australia, on April 22, 1911.

Max Dupain, 1937

Facts about Max Dupain 3: Dupain’s Philosophy

Max Dupain recognised as the most respected influencial a black and white photograph in 20th century. Hence, his philosophy could be summed up, simplicity and directness. He believed those colours was restricting in its objective, uniquely it was nothing left for individual interpretation.

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Facts about Max Dupain 4: Early Career

Dupain began to built his career in photograph when he joined in Photographic Society of New South Wales. By 1934, he established his own studio in Bond Street, Sydney. Surprisingly, in 3 years later, he photographed his friend, Harol Salvage, then became viral or other words recognised widely.

Facts about Max Dupain 5: Later Career

The second war world impacted Dupain’s photography. He realised the need for photography without pretence mainly after read a book “Grierson on Documentary”. Then he updated his studio with this new prespective.

In 1905s he devoted time to pursue his love in architecture, and Dupain got many offering  in promotional photography  for advertising from magazines, advertising agencies and industrial firms.

Facts about Max Dupain 6: Personal Life

Dupain married with Olive Cotton, also a photographer, in 1939, but they divorce soon after. He married for the second time with Diana Illington, they had a daughter, Danina, and a son, Rex.

Dupain’s Black and White Photography

Facts about Max Dupain 7: Inspiration

Generally, artists got inspiration based on their environment, culture, circle of people, and worthy event. The same as Dupain, Dupain’s photograph define beach culture, and it was the beach that was the inspiration for his most famous and enduring images. However, it was not only the beach and Sydney that held his attention but nudes, still life and in particular, and architecture also.

Facts about Max Dupain 8: Family

Dupain born of George Dupain, as his Father and Thomasine Dupaina as his Mother. His whole life was spent in Sydney, other words, he lived there until died.

Facts about Max Dupain 9: Works

A great deal of collections of works displayed in the on-line gallery represents this style, as well as compositions consistent with his works as documentary photographer.

Facts about Max Dupain 10: Exhibition

Amazingly, before he passed away in 1995, 28,000 exhibition were passed!

Max Dupain’s Exhibition


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