10 Facts about Maximilien Robespierre

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Facts about Maximilien Robespierre, his fullname, Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre tell about one of the most fenomenal french politician and lawyer. The unforgetable event namely French Revolution and Reign of Terror were happened by great involving him, as a best known and influential figures. To know more about the less-known fact below might other people do not know must be interesting.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 1: Early Life

Maximilien Robespierre born in northern France, Arras, Artois  Province, on May 6, 1758. Robespierre and three siblings lived with his grandparents after his parents died. Robespierre has loved reading and studying even since a kid. Then, He attended school in Paris to become a lawyer.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 2: Law and Politics

After finished and graduating from school, he applied his skill and knowledge in Arras. He concerned to help poor people and wrote paper to against the rule of upper class,  that really why Robespierre well-known as as an advocate for poor people. Then he moved to Paris to begin his higher political career.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 3: The Revolution

After Robespierre elected and joined to the Estates General, he broke away and formed the National Assembly. As an outspoken in the Constituent Assembly, he actived to voice ideas in supporting of the Declaration of The Rights of Man and Constitutional Provision, with completely success. At the same time, he coined the fenomenal moto that had big power to change  to be more freedom not only for French but also to the whole world, “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” (Freedom, Equality, Fraternity).

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 4: The Jacobin Club

In 1789, after Robespierre joined and got involved through the society of friends of constitutions known as Jacobin Club. He found many like-minded people in the club, eventually Robespierre dominated the club. Surprisingly, appearing the controversial Robespierre’s declaration “ni monarchiste ni republicain” (neither monarchist nor republican).

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 5: Gaining Power

Robespierre gained the power over and over again in the new revolution government. He took control in the Jacobin Club finally in 1793 the Committee of Pulic Safety was established. This committee dominated the French Government and Robespierre was the leader, hence, automatically he became the most powerful person in French.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 6: Reign of Terror

Robespierre fully convince that the revolutionary will not fail. In case the neigbouring countries, Austria and Great Britain attact or even re-establsih French Monarchy, he announced a “Rule of Teror”. In the meantime, person who opposite the monarchy was arrested and executed by choping the head.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 7: Abolition of Slavery

Robespierre opined straightly in the National Assembly against the Colonial Committee, dominated by slaveholders in the Caribbean in May 1791. In June 1794 he attended the meeting of Jacob Club to support abolition of slavery and the decree led surge widely well-known among blacks in St-Domingue, most of whom had freed themshelves and were seeking alliances military to guarantee their freedom.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 8: Opposition to War with Austria

In February 1792, one of the leaders of the Girondist party, Jacques Pierre Brissot in the Legislative Assembly, stated and strongly recommened to declare war against Austria. At the same time, Robespierre opposed him directly because of fearing in influencing of militarism.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 9: Arrest

Many of revolutionary leaders had embarrased by Robespierre’s harsh  rule. Hence, they concluded to arrest and execute him.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre 10: Execution

The day of Robespierre’s execution, last recorded word talked by him “Merci, monsieur” (Thank you, sir) to a man who had given him a handcerchief for the blood on his face and clothing.

Facts about Maximilien Robespierre

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