10 Facts about Mecca

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Facts about Mecca would present about the less-known interesting information about the most destination city to be arrived in the world namely Mecca. Mecca is a city in Tihamah plain in Saudi Arabia. Amazingly, every year, most of moslems from whole world come to this city with religious purpose because the city is the holiest one in the religion of islam. The prophet Muhammad was born here (i.e. mecca) and Muhammad’s first revelation of the quran in this ciy. Mecca is located around 70 km from Jeddah and 340 km to South of Medina. Another interesting information about Mecca will be revealed in the description below.

Facts about Mecca 1: The Name

Mecca is populara as an english translation. The official name is Makkah. The fullname is Makkah al-Mukarramah that means the holy city of Mecca. Initially, this city was called Bakkah, it is stated in Quran in 3:96 while the form of mecca is used in 48:24. In South Arabic, the and could be interchangeable. In addition, another name of Mecca is Faran or Pharan, referring the desert of Paran.

Facts about Mecca 2: Early History

Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive and unambiguous source of information about the early history of Mecca.

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Facts about Mecca 3: Potential Ancient References

Based on Diodorus Siculus, a Greek historian, article that describes about Arabia in his work Bibliotheca historica, explaining a holy shrine. He confirmed that it could be a reference to the kaaba in Mecca.

Facts about Mecca 4: Islamic Point of View

Based on the islamic view, the early history of Mecca started by Ishmael’s descendants.

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Facts about Mecca 5: The Elephant Year

The year of Elephant is the name in Islamic history around 570 CE. This year is one of bigges day for muslims attributed Muhammad as the prophet of islam religion was born. At the same time, Mecca was attacted by Abraha’s army. Abraha marched upon the Kaaba with large army that included one or more war elephants. Then Abraha’s attacted protected by Quraish tribe. In short, Abraha was defeated and his army are broken by ababil bird that attacted abraha armies with the small heated rock. Eventually, this event confirmed as the elephant year.

Facts about Mecca 6: Government

Mecca is led by major of city. The municipallity pf Mecca was elected in 2015, Dr. Osama bin Fadhel Al-Bar. Mecca is the capital city of Makkah region.


City of Mecca

Facts about Mecca 7: Islamic Tradition

According to Islamic view, the islamic tradition of Mecca goes back to Abraham (Ibrahim) who built Kaaba with helped by Ishmael, his elder son, in aroun 2000 BCE. Then the Kaaba became pilgrimage site for Islam.

Facts about Mecca 8: Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage of Mecca interests millions of muslims from the whole world. The pilgrimage decided to two kinds namely the hajj and umrah.

Facts about Mecca 9: Incidents during Pilgrimage

There are some incidents during pilgrimage attributed the large number of people who come to take the hajj and umrah. From example, the incident happened on 2 July 1990, and on 24 September 2015.

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Facts about Mecca 10: Climate

Mecca has a hot temperature due to a huge hot desert area.

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