10 Fun Facts about Mammals

Post On: May 5, 2017
By: Agustina

Fun Facts about Mammals tell us about the vertebrates belong to Mammalian class. The word mammal is taken from Latin. It means breast. They have mammary glands, three middle ear bones, hair, and neocortex in the brain, which differentiate the mammals from reptiles and birds. The mammary glands of female mammals produce milk to nurse their young. We will tell you interesting facts about mammals by reading the below post:

Fun Facts about Mammals 1: the great whales

Do you know that the great whales are included as mammals? They are considered as the biggest animals in the world.

Fun Facts about Mammals 2: adaptation

Mammals can be found living in wide arrays of habitats on the land and at sea.

Facts about Mammals

Facts about Mammals

Fun Facts about Mammals 3: the placentals

The placentals are considered as the largest group of mammals. During the gestation period, this group has the ability to feed the baby using the placenta.

Fun Facts about Mammals 4: the size of mammals

The size of mammals is varied depending on the species. The blue whale may reach 98 feet or 30 metres. The bumblebee bat has the size of 1.2 to 1.6 inches or 30 to 40 mm.

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Fun Facts about Mammals 5: the reproduction

All modern mammals reproduce by giving birth to a young. However, the egg-laying mammals are present on the five species of monotreme.



Fun Facts about Mammals 6: the largest orders

The Soricomorpha, bats and rodents are included in the largest orders of mammals. Others include Carnivora, Cetartiodactyla and Primates. The latter ones include monkeys and apes.  The former ones include allies, seals, dogs and cats. The second group includes the even-toed ungulates and whales.

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Fun Facts about Mammals 7: the number of species

Can you count the number of species of mammals? They have at least 5450 species.

Fun Facts about Mammals 8: intelligence

A number of mammals have the ability to use tools, have self-awareness and own large brains.

Mammals Leopard

Mammals Leopard

Fun Facts about Mammals 9: communication

Mammals communicate with a number of ways such as making alarm signals, scent marking, producing ultrasound, generating echolocation, and singing.

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Fun Facts about Mammals 10: lifestyle

Mammals perform different lifestyle. Some of them might be territorial and solitary. On other hand, some mammals live in a group with several levels of hierarchies. Talking about their mating, they may exhibit polyandrous, monogamous or polygynous mating.

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