10 Interesting Facts about Macaroni Penguins

Post On: April 6, 2017
By: Agustina

You will get the interesting Facts about Macaroni Penguins by reading the below post.  It is a species of penguin, which can be found in Antarctic and Subantarctic Peninsula.  The penguin has the biological name of Eudyptes chrysolophus. It has a close relationship with royal penguins.  The underparts have white colors. The crest has yellow tone. The black color is spotted on the upperparts and face. The length of macaroni penguins is measured at 28 inches or 70 cm. The weight of adult macaroni penguins is 12 lb or 5.5 kilogram. Check other interesting facts about macaroni penguins:

Facts about Macaroni Penguins 1: the appearance

The appearance of male and female macaroni penguins is similar. The stronger and larger one is the male.

Facts about Macaroni Penguins 2: the flightless

Macaroni penguins are flightless just like other penguins. Since macaroni penguins have marine lifestyle, the wings are turned into flippers.

Facts about Macaroni penguins

Facts about Macaroni penguins

Facts about Macaroni Penguins 3: the diet

The primary diet for macaroni penguins includes krills, crustaceans, cephaloponds, seabirds and small fish.

Facts about Macaroni Penguins 4: the number of population

The colony reaches 100,000 penguins. Compared to all penguin species, their breeding colonies have the most density. It has the population of 1.8 million individuals. Since the mid-1970s, its population has been declined. It earns the vulnerable conservation status.

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Facts about Macaroni Penguins 5: the male and female weight

The weight of female before and after moult is 5.7 kilograms and 3.2 kilograms respectively. The weight of male before and after moult is 6.4 kilogram and 3.7 kilogram.

Macaroni penguin Pic

Macaroni penguin Pic

Facts about Macaroni Penguins 6: the thick bill

The thick bill of macaroni penguins is measured at 2.8 to 3.1 inches or 7 to 8 cm. The larger bill is found on the males.

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Facts about Macaroni Penguins 7: the immature macaroni penguins

The characteristics of immature macaroni penguins are spotted on the dark grey chin, smaller body size, undeveloped crest, and duller brown bill.

Facts about Macaroni Penguins 8: moulting process

The old feathers of macaroni penguins will be replaced with new ones during the moulting process, which takes place once a year.

Macaroni penguin

Macaroni penguin

Facts about Macaroni Penguins 9: fat

During the moult, macaroni penguins will not gather for food in the water. Thus, they have to accumulate fat two weeks before the process.

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Facts about Macaroni Penguins 10: in South America

Macaroni penguins can be found in many parts of South America such as in South Orkney Islands, South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia, Falkland Islands and southern Chile.

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