10 Interesting Facts about Leif Ericson

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If you want to know the first European who discovered North America before Columbus, check Facts about Leif Ericson. Greenland is excluded from his discovery. Ericson was an Icelandic explorer who was born circa 970 and died circa 1020. It was believed that the creator of a Norse settlement at Vinland was Ericson based on the Sagas of Icelanders. The remains located around the Gulf of Saint Lawrence were known as the archeological evidence. Let us get other facts about Leif Ericson below:

Facts about Leif Ericson 1: the birthplace

It is estimated that the birthplace of Ericson was located in Iceland. Erik the Red was considered as the father of Leif. The first Norse settlement located in Greenland was established by Erik.

Leif Ericson Pic

Leif Ericson Pic

Facts about Leif Ericson 2: the childhood of Leif

It was believed that Leif spent his childhood time in the eastern settlement of Greenland.

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Facts about Leif Ericson 3: the sons

Thorgils and Thorkell were the sons of Leif. The latter one was known as the successor of Leif who ruled the settlement in Greenland.

Facts about Leif Ericson 4: the relatives of Leif

His mother was Þjóðhildur. His father was Erik the Red. Thorvaldr Ásvaldsson was his grandfather. Naddodd who was notable for his discovery of Iceland was considered as the distant relative of Leif.

Leif Ericson Facts

Leif Ericson Facts

Facts about Leif Ericson 5: the sibling

Freydís was the sister of Leif. Thorsteinn and Thorvaldr were the names of his two brothers.

Facts about Leif Ericson 6: into an exile

Thorvald Asvaldsson was accused for manslaughter. He had to leave Norway. The young Erik accompanied him living in exile.

Facts about Leif Ericson

Facts about Leif Ericson

Facts about Leif Ericson 7: Erik the Red and Greenland

Greenland was discovered after Erik who travelled to the west after he was banished from Iceland. He called the region Greenland. In 986, the first permanent settlement in the region was founded by Erik.

Facts about Leif Ericson 8: reaching Norway

In 999 AD, Leif and his crew went to Norway and left Greenland. He was appointed under King Olaf Tryggvason after reaching Norway.

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Facts about Leif Ericson 9: Christianity

In Norway, Leif changed his faith into Christianity. When he came back to Greenland, he had the responsibility to spread the religion.

Leif Ericson Statue

Leif Ericson Statue

Facts about Leif Ericson 10: the story about Leif

The story about Leif was inferred from The Saga of Erik the Red and the Saga of the Greenlanders. It was believed that both sagas were written circa 1200.

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