10 Interesting Facts about Mercury Planet

Post On: December 17, 2018
By: Andi

You will find the 10 interesting facts about mercury planet in this article. People believe that mercury planet is the smallest planet in the solar system. Mercury planet has the shortest period of orbital around the sun that is only 87.97. Please read more the amazing facts about mercury planet below to rich your insight.

Facts about Mercury Planet 1: The Physical Characteristic of Internal Structure of Mercury Planet

Mercury planet has a solid silicate crust and mantle overlying a solid. This planet is one of four terrestrial planets in the solar system, and interestingly, it has a rocky body like Earth. Mercury is also smaller – albeit more massive – than the largest natural satellites in the solar system. Mercury planet consists of approximately 70% metallic and 30% silicate material.

Facts about Mercury Planet 2: The Physical Structure of Surface Geology of Mercury Planet

The surface of the mercury planet is similar in appearance to that of the moon. Albedo features are areas of markedly different reflectively as seen by a telescopic observation. Mercury has a dorsa (also known as wrinkle-ridges), moon-like highlands, montes (mountains), planitiae (plains), rupes (escarpments), and valles (valleys).

10 amazing facts about mercury planet

Facts about Mercury Planet 3: Impact Basins and Craters

Craters on mercury have a huge range in diameter from small bowl-shaped cavities to multi-ringed impact basins hundreds of kilometres across. They appear in all states of degradation, from relatively fresh rayed craters to highly degraded crater remnants.

Facts about Mercury Planet 4: The Plains of Mercury Planet

On mercury planet, there are two geologically distinct plains regions. Gently rolling, hilly plains in the regions between craters are Mercury’s oldest visible surfaces. The smooth plains are widespread flat areas that fill depressions of various sizes and bear a strong resemblance to the lunar maria.

Facts about Mercury Planet 5: Compressional Features of Mercury Planet

The numerous compression folds, or rupes, that crisscross the plains makes the Mercury’s surface unusual.

Facts about Mercury Planet 6: Volcanology of Mercury Planet

The data had been got by MESSENGER has helped identify 51 pyroclastic deposits on the surface, where 90% of them are found within impact craters.

10 amazing facts about mercury planet

Facts about Mercury Planet 7: Surface Conditions and Exosphere of Mercury Planet

The mercury planet has the range of temperature between 100 to 7oo K (-173 to 427 0C or -280 to 800 0F) and at the most extreme places: 00N, 00W, or 1800W.

Facts about Mercury Planet 8: Magnetic Field and Magnetosphere

Amazingly, mercury has a  significant, and apparently global, magnetic field. Based on the measurements taken by Mariner 10, it is about 1.1% the strength of the earth. The magnetic field strength at Mercury’s equator is about 300 nT. like that of earth,  mercury’s magnetic field is dipolar.

Facts about Mercury Planet 9: The Orbit of Mercury Planet

Mercury planet has a unique orbit than others. Its eccentricity is 0.21 with its distance from the sun ranging from 46,000,000 to 70,000,000 km (29,000,000 to 43,000,000 mi) it takes 87.969 Earth day to complete an orbit.

10 amazing facts about mercury planet

Facts about Mercury Planet 10: Longitude Convention

The longitude convention for mercury puts the zero of longitude at one of the two hottest points on the surface.

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