10 Facts about Lachanophobia

Post On: October 14, 2016
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If you want to know the interesting information about the fear of vegetable, check Facts about Lachanophobia. This fear is developed for various reasons. The phobic person may develop a painful experience when he or she was punished for eating the vegetables during the childhood. Probably they do not like with the taste of the vegetables. However, parents force them to eat it.  Others may develop the fear because they accidentally eat the leaves of vegetables, which contain crawly creatures or caterpillars. Let us find out other interesting facts about Lachanophobia in the below post:

Facts about Lachanophobia 1: the seed of vegetables

Some people develop Lachanophobia because they are afraid of having the vegetables growing inside their body if they eat the seed.

facts about lachanophobia

facts about lachanophobia

Facts about Lachanophobia 2: the scary places to go

The people with Lachanophobia will try to stay away from the grocery stores, vegetables garden, farms or even restaurants for vegetables will be presented there.

Facts about Lachanophobia 3: the foods with vegetables

Because they are afraid of vegetables, the foods, which contain vegetables like sandwiches and pizza, will be avoided.

Facts about Lachanophobia 4: what are the symptoms?

Can you identify the symptoms of Lachanophobia? When the phobic person encounter vegetables, they will develop the loss of control, improved body temperature, fainting, weeping, tremors, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and screaming.

lachanophobia pic

lachanophobia pic

Facts about Lachanophobia 5: how to treat Lachanophobia?

Self-help is always needed to treat Lachanophobia. However, you will need anti-anxiety medication if the condition is severe.

Facts about Lachanophobia 6: therapy

The phobic person has to follow the behavioral therapy to treat the condition.

lachanophobia facts

lachanophobia facts

Facts about Lachanophobia 7: the irrational fear

The irrational fear of vegetables can be developed when the phobic person is still a child.

Facts about Lachanophobia 8: how to cook vegetables

Vegetables are the important parts of human being’s diet. The people with Lachanophobia should know how to eat it without feeling bad.

Facts about Lachanophobia 9: the experience of the people with vegetable phobia

Seeing the plate filled with vegetables often makes the people with Lachanophobia panic.

lachanophobia image

lachanophobia image

Facts about Lachanophobia 10: controlling the fear

Some people with Lachanophobia prefer to become a vegetarian to control their fear. Some think that it works, while others end up in failure. One thing for sure, you need to seek for a help from the professional people to control the fear of vegetables.

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