10 Facts about Lake Huron

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Another member of five Great Lakes in North America is explained on Facts about Lake Huron. It is located at the eastern part of Lake Michigan-Huron. The surface elevation of Lake Huron is similar with the western portion.  The ownership of the lake is shared between Michigan, United States and Ontario, Canada.

Facts about Lake Huron 1: the name of the lake

Lake Huron is named after the tribe who occupied the region coined by the French explorers.

facts about lake huron

facts about lake huron

Facts about Lake Huron 2: the inlet and outlet

The St. Clair is the major outlet of Lake Huron. The St. Marys River is considered as the major inlet. The Georgian Bay and North Channel are included as the northern areas of Lake Huron.

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Facts about Lake Huron 3: the surface area

The surface area of Lake Huron is measured at 59,590 km square or 23,007 square miles. Therefore, it takes the record as the second largest lake in the list of five Great Lakes. The Michigan accounts for 23,580 km square of surface area, while the rest is located in Ontario.

Facts about Lake Huron 4: the volume

Of the Great Lakes of North America, it only takes the third by volume. It has 3,500 km cubic or 850 cubic miles of water.

lake huron facts

lake huron facts

Facts about Lake Huron 5: the average and maximum depth

The maximum depth of Lake Huron is 125 fathoms.  The average depth is measured at 32 fathoms 3 feet.

Facts about Lake Huron 6: the cities along Lake Huron

There are several cities along Lake Huron inhabited by at least 1,000 residents. The largest city is Sarnia. The cities in United States located near the lake are Alpena, Port Buron and Bay City.

lake huron pic

lake huron pic

Facts about Lake Huron 7: the prominent feature

Manitoulin Island is considered as the prominent feature found in the lake. The main body of water is separated by the island from the Georgian Bay and North Channel.

Facts about Lake Huron 8: centers of Georgian Bay

Parry Sound, Port Severn, and Wasaga Beach are some of the primary centers on Georgian Bay.

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Facts about Lake Huron 9: the lake level

In October and November, Lake Huron has the highest level of water even though it fluctuates between months.

lake huron

lake huron

Facts about Lake Huron 10: the scenic road system

The scenic road system is established to link the St Lawrence River and Great Lakes of North America. It is called the Great Lakes Circle Tour.

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