10 Facts about Lake Eyre

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Facts about Lake Eyre remind the people with the largest lake in Australia. It covers the area of 3,668 square miles or 9,500 km square. The lowest natural point in Australia is located within the lake. The lowest point is measured at 49 feet or 15 meter below the sea level. Do you know the official name of Lake Eyre? It is Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre. Let us get other interesting facts about Lake Eyre below:

Facts about Lake Eyre 1: the salinity level

The salinity level of Lake Eyre is comparable to the sea when it is full. The salinity is increased rapidly when the water dries up.

lake eyre facts

lake eyre facts

Facts about Lake Eyre 2: the name of the lake

Lake Eyre is named after the first European who saw the lake in 1840. He was Edward John Eyre.

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Facts about Lake Eyre 3: the official name

In December 2012, the official name of the lake was changed into Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre. The former words are associated with the Native title of Arabana people who live around the lake.

Facts about Lake Eyre 4: the average rainfalls

The lake has the average rainfalls of 3.9 to 5.9 inches annually.

lake eyre image

lake eyre image

Facts about Lake Eyre 5: the deepest parts of Lake Eyre

The deepest parts of Lake Eyre are located in Madigan Gulf and Belt Bay.

Facts about Lake Eyre 6: the sections of Lake Eyre

There are two sections found in Lake Eyre. Lake Eyre South has the length and width of 40 miles and 15 miles respectively. On the other hand, Lake Eyre North is measured at 89 miles for the length and 40 miles for the width.

lake eyre fact

lake eyre fact

Facts about Lake Eyre 7: the thickest salt crusts

The thickest salt crusts can be found in several areas of Lake Eyre such as in Madigan Gulf, Jackboot Bay and southern Belt Bay.

Facts about Lake Eyre 8:  the pink color

The people may spot the pink color all over the lake when it is saturated. The pink hue is caused by the presence of algae Dunaliella salina, which has the beta-carotene pigment.

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Facts about Lake Eyre 9: the birds and wild species

Lake Eyre is a home for various wild species and birds. It was recorded that 80 percent of the total population of pelicans in Australia came to Lake Eyre during the flood in 1989-1990 to get food.

facts about lake eyre

facts about lake eyre

Facts about Lake Eyre 10: as the protected area

Lake Eyre is a protected area through the establishment of Elliot Price Conservation Park and Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park.

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