10 Facts about Lake Hillier

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If you want to be informed with a lake located in Australia which its pink hue, check Facts about Lake Hillier. The location of the lake is at the border of Middle Island in Goldfields-Esperance region. The island is considered as the largest in Recherche Archipelago.  Lake Huron is divided from the Southern Ocean by a thin and long shore.

Facts about Lake Hillier 1: the width and length

The width of Lake Hillier is measured at 820 feet or 250 meter. The length is measured at 2,000 feet or 600 m.

fleur de sel

fleur de sel

Facts about Lake Hillier 2: the areas surrounding the lake

You can spot the eucalyptus trees, woodland, paperback, and sandy area. The vegetation covers the narrow area of the sand dunes.

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Facts about Lake Hillier 3: the pink color

Lake Hillier is famous due to the pink color. The color will not change when you take it into a container. The pink hue on the water is permanent.

Facts about Lake Hillier 4: Dunaliella salina

Dunaliella salina is the organism, which causes the pink hue on the water of the lake.

lake hillier pic

lake hillier pic

Facts about Lake Hillier 5: viewing the lake

If you are interested to view the lake closely, the best mode of transportation is via the air.

Facts about Lake Hillier 6: a metagenomic analysis

A metagenomic analysis was applied by Extreme Microbiome Project to find out various organisms like Archaea, Dunaliella, Dechloromonas aromatica, and Salinibacter ruber.

lake hillier

lake hillier

Facts about Lake Hillier 7: Matthew Flinders’ expedition

On 15th January 1802, Matthew Flinders’ expedition visited Lake Hillier for the first time. The records about the lake were first written in the journal entries of Flinders. Flinders went to the highest peak of the island and found out the pink lake from the top. Today, the people call the peak as Flinders Peak.

Facts about Lake Hillier 8: another visit by Flinders

In May 1803, Flinders made another visit in Middle Island. He named the lake after his crewmember, William Hillier. On 20 May 1803, Hillier died because of dysentery.

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Facts about Lake Hillier 9: the salt mining

In the end of 19th century, salt mining took place in the lake.  The mining failed due to the toxicity of salt.

Facts about Lake Hillier 10: Dunaliella salina

Dunaliella salina is the only living organism in Lake Hillier. This organism creates pink tone on the water and increases the salinity.

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