10 Facts about Loch Ness

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The freshwater loch associated with Loch Ness Monster is explained on Facts about Loch Ness. Have you ever visited this deep and large lake located in Scottish Highlands before?  The surface of Loch Ness is measured at 16 meter or 52 feet above the sea elevation. The location of Loch Ness is around 37 kilometer 23 mi of Inverness. The people know this freshwater due to the alleged sighting of Loch Ness Monster.

Facts about Loch Ness 1: Loch Ness Monster

Have you ever heard about Loch Ness Monster? It is a part of Scottish Highland folklore where a few people cited the sighting of cryptozoological Loch Ness Monster. The nickname is Nessie.

Facts about Loch Ness

Facts about Loch Ness

Facts about Loch Ness 2: the connection

Loch Ness is connected to Loch Oich at the Caledonian Canal. It is also linked with River Oich at the southern end.

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Facts about Loch Ness 3: River Ness

The River Ness has its source of water from Loch Dochfour. Loch Ness is just one of the series of murky water bodies in Scotland.

Facts about Loch Ness 4: the murky water bodies

The water bodies are murky due to the low level of water visibility. The surrounding soil in the water contains high level of peat, which affects the water visibility.

Loch Ness Facts

Loch Ness Facts

Facts about Loch Ness 5: the surface of Loch Ness

The surface area of Loch Ness is measured at 56 km square or 22 square miles. Thus, it takes the second largest loch by surface area in Scotland. The first one is taken by Loch Lomond.

Facts about Loch Ness 6: the depth

The deepest point of Loch Ness is measured at 230 meter or 755 feet. Therefore, it earns the title as second deepest loch. Loch Morar earns the first deepest loch title.

Loch Ness Image

Loch Ness Image

Facts about Loch Ness 7: the freshwater

In Great Glen, Loch Ness is called as the largest water body. It flows to Fort William from Inverness.

Facts about Loch Ness 8: the “Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition”

If you are interested to know more about the natural history as well as the Loch Ness legend, you need to come to the “Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition” at Drumnadrochit.

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Facts about Loch Ness 9: the tourism

The visitors who come to Loch Ness will have the chance to seek for the monster by exploring the loch shore via the boat cruises.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness

Facts about Loch Ness 10: other impressive places to visit

Other interesting places to visit around Loch Ness are Fort Augustus, Lochend and Urquhart Castle.

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