10 Facts about Lake District

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Find out the mountainous region in North-West England by checking the following Facts about Lake District. People love to come to Lake District to enjoy its fascinating beauty. It is a home to amazing mountains, forests and lakes. There is no need to wonder that it earns the status as the popular tourist destination in England. People often call it Lakeland or Lakes. The Lake Poets like William Wordsworth had their works connected with Lake District.

Facts about Lake District 1: the location of Lake District

Today, Lake District is included as a region in Cumbria. In the past, the region was parts of Lancashire, Westmorland and Cumberland.

lake district facts

lake district facts

Facts about Lake District 2: Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike is called as the highest mountain in England located within National Park of Lake District. Actually, the regions feature the land higher than 910 meter or 3,000 feet.

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Facts about Lake District 3: the Windermere and Wastwater

The Windermere in Lake District is called as the longest body of water in England. On the other hand, Wastwater earns the status as the deepest body of water.

Facts about Lake District 4: Lake District National Park

Almost all areas within Lake District are included in Lake District National Park. However, the areas such as Lakeland Peninsulas and Kendal town are located outside the park.

lake district pic

lake district pic

Facts about Lake District 5: as a national park

On 9 May 1951, Lake District was officially announced as the national park in England.

Facts about Lake District 6: the yearly visitors

It is one of the most popular parks to visit in Britain. The annual visitors of the park reach 15.8 million.

lake district image

lake district image

Facts about Lake District 7: the ownership of the land

Most areas in Lake District are owned by the private people.   The agricultural land occupies 55 percent of the land.

Facts about Lake District 8: the landowners of Lake District

The landowners of Lake District include the National Trust, private landowners, individual farmers, and Forestry Commission.

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Facts about Lake District 9: The National Park Authority

The office of National Park Authority is located in the town of Kendal. The visitor center is located on Windermere.

facts about lake district

facts about lake district

Facts about Lake District 10: movement within the park

The visitors are allowed to move within the park for there is no restriction. However, the agricultural land is restricted.

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