10 Facts about Lake Taupo

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Facts about Lake Taupo inform the readers with a lake located in New Zealand. The exact location is in the caldera of Taupo Volcano, North Island. Based on the surface area, Lake Taupo takes the record as the largest lake in New Zealand measured at 238 square miles or 616 sq km. The deepest part of the lake is measured at 186 m. The estimated perimeter is at 193 km. The water of the lake will drain at Waikato River. It is considered as the longest river in the country. Let us check other interesting facts about Lake Taupo below:

Facts about Lake Taupo 1: the primary tributaries

Tauranga Taupo River, Tongariro River and Waitahanui River are considered as the primary tributaries of Lake Taupo.

facts about lake taupo

facts about lake taupo

Facts about Lake Taupo 2:  the forest and fishery

The rainbow trouts and brown trouts have been introduced in the lake.   The podocarp forest and beach forest are available at much of Lake Taupo’s watershed.
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Facts about Lake Taupo 3: the ferns and shrubs

There are various types of shrubs and ferns found in Lake Taupo.  The shrubs include Alseuosmia quercifolia and Olearia ranii. The ferns are Microsorum scandens, Microsorum pustulatum and Doodia media.

Facts about Lake Taupo 4: the native fauna

Lake Taupo has two native animals. They are the Galaxias species or whitebait and Paranephrops planifrons or crayfish.

lake taupo map

lake taupo map

Facts about Lake Taupo 5: the introduction of trout

In the end of 19th century, the rainbow trout and brown trout were introduced to the lake. They were brought from California and Europe.

Facts about Lake Taupo 6: Taupo’s commercial sector

The commercial sector of Taupo is very important for the tourism industry where people like to visit the lake.

lake taupo

lake taupo

Facts about Lake Taupo 7: the visitors

Every year, Taupo is visited by at least 2 million people. The peak of the visitation takes place during the New Year and Christmas in summer season.

Facts about Lake Taupo 8: the climate

When you are around the lake, you can enjoy the temperate climate. During the winter and spring season, the lake has the greatest rainfalls.

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Facts about Lake Taupo 9: a cycling tour

If you are interested to explore the lake, why do not you engage in a cycling tour offered by Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge?

Facts about Lake Taupo 10: the tourist attraction

The beauty of Lake Taupo along with the skydiving is the major attraction. If you want to view the Maori rack carving, you need to ride the kayak or boat.

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