10 Facts about Lake Ontario

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Facts about Lake Ontario inform the readers about the lake located in Canada and United States. It is included as one of the five Great Lakes in North America. The American state of New York surrounds Lake Ontario on the east and south. The Canadian province of Ontario surrounds Lake Ontario on the southwest, west and north.  Get other interesting facts about Lake Ontario below:

Facts about Lake Ontario 1: the name of the lake

The meaning of Ontario is Lake of Shining Waters based on Huron or Wyandot language. It serves as the outlet to the Atlantic River for it comes at the last one in the Great Lakes. The water from Niagara River is considered as the inlet of Lake Ontario.

facts about lake ontario

facts about lake ontario

Facts about Lake Ontario 2: the surface area

Lake Ontario only has the surface area of 18,960 km square or 7,340 square miles. It is the smallest one based on the surface area.
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Facts about Lake Ontario 3: ecology

The ecology of Lake Ontario is determined with the fluctuation level of water. It keeps the surrounding areas wet.

Facts about Lake Ontario 4: the freshwater fisheries

The freshwater fisheries are important in the lake. However, the introduction of the invasive species, water pollution and overfishing presents the negative impact.

lake ontario picture

lake ontario picture

Facts about Lake Ontario 5: Baymouth bars

The winds build the Baymouth bars. The lagoons around the lake are built by the currents.

Facts about Lake Ontario 6: the harbors

Several harbors are located on Lake Ontario. The most notable one is the Toronto Bay. Other harbors include Sodus Bay, Presqu’ile Bay and Hamilton Harbour.

lake ontario pic

lake ontario pic

Facts about Lake Ontario 7: the long beaches

The long beaches are housed on the bars. You can view the beauty of Sandy Island Beach State Park and Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Facts about Lake Ontario 8: the rivers

Some rivers are draining on Lake Ontario. The notable ones include Humber River, Niagara River, Genesee River, Trent River, Salmon River and Oswego River.

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Facts about Lake Ontario 9: the Golden Horseshoe

The westernmost shores of Lake Ontario are occupied by the Golden Horseshoe.

lake ontario

lake ontario

Facts about Lake Ontario 10: lighthouses

The lighthouses that you can find around Lake Ontario include Stony Point Light, Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, Beach Canal Lighthouse, Thirty Mile Point Light and Oswego Harbor West Pierhead Light.

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