10 Facts about Lava Flow

Post On: December 10, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lava Flow will tell you about the behavior of lava once it is expelled from the erupted volcano. People can define the behavior of the eruption by looking at the lava composition. The lava will behave based on its viscosity. The low viscous ones include andesite, carbonatite and basalt. The ones with high viscosity are trachyte, andesite, dacite and rhyolite. Get other facts about lava flow below:

Facts about Lava Flow 1: the behaviors of high viscous lava

The high viscous lava is often associated with the phreatic or explosive eruptions. Moreover, it tends to trap gas and flow slowly.

Lava Flow Pictures

Lava Flow Pictures

Facts about Lava Flow 2: the liquid

The lava does not have to flow as liquid all of the time. It can be in the form of tephra or even ash.

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Facts about Lava Flow 3: the low viscous lava

The lava with low viscosity tends to create the broad shields. It flows easily. It will form the rivers, channels or even puddles of molten rock.

Facts about Lava Flow 4: the other components

Can you tell me the other components of lavas? They include the exotic rocks and solid minerals.

Lava Flow

Lava Flow

Facts about Lava Flow 5: the physical behavior

The physical forms of volcano and lava flow are determined by the physical behavior of lava.

Facts about Lava Flow 6: the formation of rocks

The type of lava flows will determine the bodies of rocks. The blocky bodies of rock will be formed by the viscous rhyolite lava flows. On the other hand, the flat sheets of rocks are created by the basaltic lava flows.

Lava Images

Lava Images

Facts about Lava Flow 7: the top of lava flow

The glassy texture is spotted on the top of lava flow due to the contact with water and air. The center of lava will flow in layers or bands. It has the crystalline texture. A brecciated top is often spotted in the ideal lava flow.

Facts about Lava Flow 8: Pāhoehoe

Pāhoehoe is a kind of basaltic lava. The surface of this lava is characterized with ropy, billowy and smooth texture.

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Facts about Lava Flow 9: the bizarre shapes

The bizarre shapes are spotted on the pāhoehoe lava flows. People often call the shape as lava sculpture due to the varied lava flows.

Facts about Lava Flow

Facts about Lava Flow

Facts about Lava Flow 10: block lava flows and pillow lava

The other types of lava flows are the pillow lava and block lava flows.  The former one is expelled from subglacial volcano or underwater volcanic vent. The latter one is from stratovolcanoes.

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