10 Facts about Lead

Post On: December 12, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lead will tell the details of a chemical element with the symbol of Pb. It was derived from the Latin word of plumbum. It has the atomic number of 82.  It has dull gray tone. The characteristics of lead are heavy, malleable, and soft. It is a kind of metal. The bluish-white tone is spotted when the solid lead is freshly cut. When it is exposed to air, the bluish white tone turns into dull grayish hue. The shiny chrome silver tone is spotted on the liquid metal of lead.

Facts about Lead 1: the density of lead

The density of lead is measured at 11.34 gram per cm cubic. Compared to all practically stable elements, it earns the status as the second highest atomic number.

Lead Facts

Lead Facts

Facts about Lead 2: the extraction

Lead is not difficult to extract. The prehistoric people who lived in Western Asia had known the way to extract and used lead.

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Facts about Lead 3: the initial production of lead

The initial production of lead was caused by the presence of galena. It is the lead ore. However, the high demand was not available because the dullness and softness of the element.

Facts about Lead 4: the peak of lead production

Do you know that the ancient Rome witnessed the peak production of lead? There is no need to wonder that the common people had access to lead.

Lead Pic

Lead Pic

Facts about Lead 5: the reduced production of lead

The production of lead decreased significantly due to the fall of ancient Rome. The production was recovered during the industrial revolution.

Facts about Lead 6: the poisonous metal

In the end of 19th century, lead was recognized as a poisonous metal. Then the industry began to avoid the usage of lead. The contact of lead and people was limited.



Facts about Lead 7: the properties

Even though lead is poisonous, it gives us a great deal of benefits of the specified properties. It has ductility, low melting point and high density.

Facts about Lead 8: the inexpensive metal

Compared to other metals, lead is cheaper. It is easy for the people to extract lead from its ore. The mining process is also easy to do.

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Facts about Lead 9: the uses of lead

Lead id used for various purposes. It is applied in radiation shields, lead-acid batteries, building construction, solders, bullets, shots, and pewter.

Facts about Lead

Facts about Lead

Facts about Lead 10: the production of lead today

The production of lead today is around 10,000 tonnes per year.

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