10 Facts about Liberal Democrats

Post On: January 7, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Liberal Democrats talk about the liberal political party of UK. It is often called as Lib Dems.   This party was formed after Liberal Party and SDP or Social Democratic Party decided to merge in 1988. For the previous seven years, the merger of both parties was called the SDP-Liberal Alliance. This party takes the third place of the largest party in the House of Commons during the 2010 general election. The party took 57 seats in the election. Nick Clegg was the leader at that time. On the other hand, the Labour Party and Conservatives earned 258 seats and 306 seats respectively.

Facts about Liberal Democrats 1: the overall majority

During the 2010 general election, the overall majority was not achieved. Therefore, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats agreed for coalition. In return, the Deputy Prime Minister was for Clegg. Other members of the Liberal Democrats also earned the ministerial position in the government.

Facts about Liberal Democrats

Facts about Liberal Democrats

Facts about Liberal Democrats 2: the general election in 2015

Clegg left the position of Liberal Democrats. During the leadership election, Tim Farron became the winner. The party had 8 MPs during the general election in 2015. After the Richmond Park by-election, the party has 9 MPs.

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Facts about Liberal Democrats 3: the foundation of Liberal Party

The Liberal Party was originated from the Peelites, Radicals and Whigs. It was established in 1859.

Facts about Liberal Democrats 4: the formation of SDP

The former cabinet ministers, MPs and Labour members formed the SDP in 1982.

Charles Peter Kennedy

Charles Peter Kennedy

Facts about Liberal Democrats 5: the alliance

The leaders of the alliances were Roy Jenkins from SDP and David Steel from Liberal. Then David Owen replaced Jenkins.

Facts about Liberal Democrats 6: the policies

Even though SDP and Liberal formed alliances, both still applied their own policies.  During the 1983 and 1987 general elections, both agreed to have a joint manifesto.


Liberal Democrats Logo

Liberal Democrats Logo

Facts about Liberal Democrats 7: ideas for merging the two parties

Steel coined the idea to merge both parties due to the disappointed result in 1987 election. His proposal was rejected by Owen.

Facts about Liberal Democrats 8: the formal merger

Even though Owen disagreed with the idea to merge the two parties, most members agreed. In March 1988, both parties were officially merged.

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Facts about Liberal Democrats 9: the joint interim leaders

Steel and Robert Maclennan were selected as the joint interim leaders after the merger of both parties.

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats

Facts about Liberal Democrats 10: the name

It was called SLD or Social and Liberal Democrats. Then it was changed into Liberal Democrats in 1989.

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