10 Facts about Liege

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Facts about Liege impress us with the detail information about a municipality and main city in Belgium. Liege gains the importance as the center of culture and economy. It was inhabited by 198,280 people in November 2012. On January 1st, 2008, the people who lived in the metropolitan area of Liege was 749,110 individuals. It covers the area of 725 square miles or 1,879 km square. Let us get more interesting facts about Liege below:

Facts about Liege 1: the urban area in Belgium

Liege still cannot beat cannot beat Brussels and Antwerp as the first and second most populous urban areas in Belgium. That is why it earns the third place.

Facts about Liege

Facts about Liege

Facts about Liege 2: the population in Liege municipality

The number of people who lived in Liege Municipality was 197,013 people on January 1, 2013.

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Facts about Liege 3: languages

Most people who live in Liege speak France. The minorities speak German and Dutch.

Facts about Liege 4: the minorities

The minorities who live in Liege have grown well since 1990s. Now you can find many Turkish, Algerian and Moroccan immigrants.

Liege Facts

Liege Facts

Facts about Liege 5: education

Liege is also considered as a center of education. The 20,000 students have attended University of Liege. It also has 24 schools, which house 42,000 pupils.

Facts about Liege 6: the museums

If you are interested to study about history, Liege has a number of museums such as Museum of Walloon Art & Religious Art, Museum of Walloon Life, and Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art.

Liege Map

Liege Map

Facts about Liege 7: the interesting places to visit

Liege has many interesting places to visit such as Prince-Bishops of Liege, Grand Curtius Museum, church of Saint-James, and Liège Cathedral.

Facts about Liege 8: “Le Quinze Août” celebration

The celebration of the Virgin Mary is conducted on August 15th per year in Outremeuse. The celebration is called “Le Quinze Août”. People love it since it is filled with concerts, a flea market, dances, religious processions and games.

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Facts about Liege 9: Christmas Markets

One of the largest Christmas markets in the country is conducted in Liege. During Sundays, people like to visit the Batte market. It is open from early morning and close at 2 pm. You can find the snacks and various clothes sold in the market.

Liege View

Liege View

Facts about Liege 10: the nightlife

The nightlife of Liege is very famous in the world. It houses many pubs, which open until the late morning located at Le Carré.

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