10 Facts about Life on Mars

Post On: January 16, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Life on Mars are explained on the following post below. The scientists are still interested to study about Mars due to the possibility of life in the planet. It has similarities with Earth. Moreover, the location of Mars is closer to our planet. The present and past life on Mars has not been found until today. However, the scientists believe that the planet was habitable for microorganism due to the presence of liquid water from the ancient surface of Mars’ environment. Let us get other interesting facts about life on Mars below:

Facts about Life on Mars 1: the habitable condition

Even though Mars was probably habitable in the ancient life, it does not mean that the life is present here.

Life on Mars Facts

Life on Mars Facts

Facts about Life on Mars 2: the scientific researches

The scientific researches related to the life on Mars were traced back in 19th century. It continues in the present day by having landed missions and telescopic investigations.

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Facts about Life on Mars 3: the early and modern works on Mars

The modern researches on Mars today are focused on the biomarker gases, chemical biosignatures on the rocks and soils and the search of water on Mars. In the past, the phenomenology was used as the early focus.

Facts about Life on Mars 4: the underground ice

There was a report made by NASA on 22nd November 2016. The Utopia Planitia region of Mars featured a substantial amount of underground ice.

Life on Mars Pic

Life on Mars Pic

Facts about Life on Mars 5: the volume of water

The water found on Mars was reported having the same volume with the water in Lake Superior.

Facts about Life on Mars 6: the similarities with earth

The condition on Mars has similarities with the early earth. Since the late of Hesperian period, the condition of Mars is not changed. It has lack of continental drift. Additionally, the climate of Mars is cold.

Facts about Life on Mars

Facts about Life on Mars

Facts about Life on Mars 7: the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers

The Curiosity and Opportunity rovers were owned by NASA. They were included in the landed missions to trace back the evidence of past life on Mars.

Facts about Life on Mars 8: William Whewell

A theory, which stated that Mars had land and seas, was cited by a fellow of Trinity College of Cambridge William Whewell in 1853.

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Facts about Life on Mars 9: the speculation of life on Mars

In the end of 19th century, the scientists speculated much about life on Mars. It was found that the observed Martians canals were actually only optical illusions.

Life on Mars

Life on Mars

Facts about Life on Mars 10: Percival Lowell

Percival Lowell was an American astronomer who believed with the presence of Mars’ canal.

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