10 Facts about Limerick Ireland

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A city located in Ireland is explained on Facts about Limerick Ireland. The King’s Island takes the status as the historic center of Limerick. The city sits at the Mid-West Region. Based on the census in 2011, it was inhabited by 95,854 people. Therefore, it is called as the third largest urban area based on the population in Ireland. Check other interesting facts about Limerick Ireland below:

Facts about Limerick Ireland 1: the cultural events

Limerick hosted different kinds of cultural and art event in 2014 after it was called as the National City of Culture.

Facts about Limerick Ireland

Facts about Limerick Ireland

Facts about Limerick Ireland 2:  the art exhibitions

If you are interested to enjoy the art exhibitions in Limerick, why don’t you go to the Limerick City Gallery of Art located on Perry Square where you can find various Irish artworks dated back in 18th to 20th century and contemporary arts? The National Collection of Contemporary Drawing is also located in the gallery.

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Facts about Limerick Ireland 3: the notable venue

The notable venue in Limerick is located at Mary Immaculate College campus where it has been used to host the school performance, comedy, theatre, conferences, traditional art exhibition and musical performance. The venue is called Lime Tree Theatre.

Facts about Limerick Ireland 4: the drama and playwriting

If you are interested to enjoy the local drama and playwriting, you can go to Belltable Arts Centre on O’Connell Street.

Limerick Ireland Facts

Limerick Ireland Facts

Facts about Limerick Ireland 5: tourism

Tourism in Limerick is flourished. It only takes 15 minutes to reach the city from Shannon Airport.

Facts about Limerick Ireland 6: the city center

The city center houses a number of historical buildings such as the Hunt Museum, the Treaty Stone, St Mary’s Cathedral, King John’s Castle and Limerick City Museum. The houses along the city represent the Georgian architecture.

Limerick Ireland Map

Limerick Ireland Map

Facts about Limerick Ireland 7: seasonal tours

You can follow seasonal tours provided by the local biros if you are interested to explore the city. It offers the tourists with a boat tour to explore River Shannon or even a historical walking tour.

Facts about Limerick Ireland 8: the division of the city

The city traditionally has three parts. They are the Irish Town, English Town and Newtown Pery.

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Facts about Limerick Ireland 9: the economic sector

The most important economic sector in Limerick is focused on the service industry.

Limerick Ireland

Limerick Ireland

Facts about Limerick Ireland 10: the primary shopping center

If you love shopping, you need to go to the Crescent Shopping Center. It is the largest one in the city.

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