10 Facts about Lion’s Habitat

Post On: February 4, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lion’s Habitat inform the readers about the place of living of the wild animals. They can be found mostly in Africa. They inhabit the savanna grassland, which has many Acacia trees. The other lion species are spotted in India where it has the combination of dry deciduous scrub forest and dry savanna forest.  Other habitats of lions are in the southern areas of Eurasia, which range from India to Greece. Let us check out other interesting facts about lion’s habitat below:

Facts about Lion’s Habitat 1:  lions in Greece

In 480 BC, lions were very common in Greece according to the report of Herodotus.

Facts about Lion's Habitat

Facts about Lion’s Habitat

Facts about Lion’s Habitat 2: Persian king Xerxes

The baggage camels of Persian king Xerxes were attacked by the lions of Greece as they were on way to the state.

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Facts about Lion’s Habitat 3: the rare lions

Lions were rare in Greece by 300 BC according to the report of Aristotle. The lion population was extirpated by 100 AD.

Facts about Lion’s Habitat 4: the Asiatic lions

The last European settlement of Asiatic lions was located in the Caucasus. They lived here until the 10th century.

Lion's Habitat Pic

Lion’s Habitat Pic

Facts about Lion’s Habitat 5: the population of Lions in the middle Ages

By the middle Ages, the population of lions in the Palestine was eliminated. The presence of the firearms in 18th century contributed to the removal of lion population in the rest of Asia.

Facts about Lion’s Habitat 6: the extinction

The extinction of lion in Southwest Asia and North Africa took place in the end of 19th century and beginning of 20 century. The northern part of India and Turkey were not inhabited by lions in the end of 19th century.

Lion's Habitat

Lion’s Habitat

Facts about Lion’s Habitat 7: the last sighting of lion

The Asiatic lion was spotted for the last time in 1941 in Iran. In 1944, the banks of Karun River located in Khūzestān Province featured the corpse of a lioness.

Facts about Lion’s Habitat 8: Gir Forest

Today, the lions can be found in northwestern India where they live in Gir Forest. It is located in Gujarat state covering the area of 545 square miles or 1,412 km square. It is inhabited by 500 lions.

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Facts about Lion’s Habitat 9: the recovered prey

The natural prey animals for lions in the forest have been recovered to increase the population of lions.

Lion's Habitat Facts

Lion’s Habitat Facts

Facts about Lion’s Habitat 10: the African lion’s population

The population of African lions today is around 16,500 to 47,000 individuals, which live in the wild area.

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