10 Facts about Lips

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Facts about Lips will present the interesting information about the visible body part located at the mouth of human beings.  This body part is moveable and soft. They are functional for the speech and articulation. They are important for the opening of the food intake.  Lips are often associated with intimate act during kissing. Therefore, they are included as an erogenous zone due to the presence of a tactile sensory organ. Let us check other interesting facts about lips by reading the following post below:

Facts about Lips 1: the scientific name of lips

The lower lip is called Labium inferius oris. On the other hand, the upper lip is called labium superius oris.

Lips Facts

Lips Facts

Facts about Lips 2: the vermilion border

The vermilion border is a term used to call the juncture where the surrounding skin of the mouth meets the lips.

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Facts about Lips 3: the vermilion zone

The vermillion zone is used to call the area located within the vermillion border, which has the reddish color.

Facts about Lips 4: the Cupid’s bow

Another important term is the Cupid’s bow used to define the vermillion border of the upper lip.

Lips Images

Lips Images

Facts about Lips 5: the skin texture

The skin texture of lips is softer and smoother than the face skin. The facial skin has at least 16 layers, while the lip skin only has three to five layers.

Facts about Lips 6: melanocytes

Melanocytes are the cells, which generate the melanin pigment. The low level of melanocytes is spotted on the lip skin of the people who have light skin color.

Facts about Lips

Facts about Lips

Facts about Lips 7: the darker skin color

The people with darker skin color usually have darker lips because the blood vessels, which come through the lip skin, are less visible.

Facts about Lips 8: the characteristics of lips

There are no sweat glands or even hairs on the lips. Because of the absence of sweat glands, the lips are prone to dryness.

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Facts about Lips 9: the muscles

The muscles on the lips are included as a part of facial expression muscles. The muscles are found on the mouth, nose and orbits. Some muscles associated with the lips include the Zygomaticus major, Levator anguli oris and Levator labii superioris for the lip elevation.



Facts about Lips 10: the major functions of lips

Can you mention the major functions of lips? They are very important for the opening of food intake because lips are moveable part of face.

Are you amazed after reading facts about lips?