10 Facts about Liselotte Watkins

Post On: February 10, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Liselotte Watkins talk about the notable fashion illustrator. Have you ever heard her name before? If you work in the fashion industry, her name sounds familiar. She has worked in various magazines in the world. This brilliant illustrator focuses her work on fashion. People are in awe when seeing her drawings and illustrators. Let us get other interesting facts about Watkins below:

Facts about Liselotte Watkins 1: the birthplace of Watkins

The birthplace of Watkins is located in Nykoping, Sweden.

Facts about Liselotte Watkins

Facts about Liselotte Watkins

Facts about Liselotte Watkins 2: the education

Talking about her education, she went to Dallas, United States to study at the Art Institute in the city. After the graduation, she began her career as a fashion illustrator.

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Facts about Liselotte Watkins 3: the high profile fashion magazines

The high-profile fashion magazines hire her to draw the amazing and mesmerizing drawings and illustrations on their pages. Some of the magazines are Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vogue of Japan, Italy, UK and US and Elle of UK, France and USA.

Facts about Liselotte Watkins 4: the girls of Watkins

Watkins always depicted the bold and confident girls in her illustrations and drawings. She uses the vibrant and captivating colors to capture the attention on her works.  The girls also have the amazing hairstyle.

Liselotte Watkins Pic

Liselotte Watkins Pic

Facts about Liselotte Watkins 5: the technique of illustration

In an interview, Watkins stated that she used Photoshop for coloring the drawings. However, she used a transparent paper to create the outline.

Facts about Liselotte Watkins 6: the pen

The pen that she used to draw the outline on the paper was special. She ordered the pen from Japan.

Liselotte Watkins

Liselotte Watkins

Facts about Liselotte Watkins 7: the works of Watkins

Watkins is famous as a fashion illustrator. Actually, she also works to create ads for fashion.

Facts about Liselotte Watkins 8: Watkins in 2008

In 2008, Watkins had a major breakthrough with her works.  There were 10 dresses of Miu Miu which featured the drawings of Watkins released for the Spring/Summer 2008. People loved her drawings.

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Facts about Liselotte Watkins 9: the notable clients of Watkins

Some of the notable clients of Watkins include Anna Suit, Max Mara, Sephore, MAC Cosmetics, Victorias Secret and Barneys.

Liselotte Watkins Facts

Liselotte Watkins Facts

Facts about Liselotte Watkins 10: the place of living

Due to her success and high profile clients, Watkins earns the status as one of the most outstanding fashion illustrator in Europe. Now she resides and works in Rome.

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