10 Facts about Lithosphere

Post On: February 14, 2017
By: Agustina

The outermost shell of earth is explained on Facts about Lithosphere. The term is taken from Greek words of lithos and sphaira. The latter one means sphere, while the former one means rocky. This shell is also found at the natural satellite and terrestrial type planet. The mechanical properties of lithosphere are rigid due to its location at the upper part of the layer.  The primary composition of lithosphere on earth is the crust. The mineralogy and chemistry are used as the foundation to define the crust of a planet. Check out the interesting details about lithosphere below:

Facts about Lithosphere 1: the subdivision

The subdivision of lithosphere is seen based on the tectonic plates. The rigid and hard outer layer of earth is included as lithosphere.

Facts about Lithosphere

Facts about Lithosphere

Facts about Lithosphere 2: the chemical reaction

Due to its outer location, the chemical reaction might occur between the uppermost part of lithosphere with biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere called pedosphere. It takes place via the soil forming process.

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Facts about Lithosphere 3: the asthenosphere

The deeper part of the upper mantle is inhabited by asthenosphere located under the lithosphere. The former one has the hotter and weaker characteristics than lithosphere.

Facts about Lithosphere 4: the boundary

Lithosphere and asthenosphere have a boundary called Lithosphere-Asthenosphere boundary.



Facts about Lithosphere 5: A.E.H. Love

A.E.H. Love was the first person who described the strong outer layer of earth in his monograph “Some problems of Geodynamics” in 1911 explained the concept of lithosphere. The term lithosphere was introduced to the world by Joseph Barrell who created a series of paper explaining and developing the concept.

Facts about Lithosphere 6: the base of the lithosphere concept

The presence of the gravity anomalies on the continental crust was considered as the foundation of lithosphere concept.

Lithosphere Facts

Lithosphere Facts

Facts about Lithosphere 7: Reginald Aldworth Daly

“Strength and Structure of the Earth” was the title of the seminal work of Reginald Aldworth Daly, which expanded the concept of lithosphere in 1940.

Facts about Lithosphere 8: the types of lithosphere

Lithosphere has two types. Both are the continental lithosphere and oceanic lithosphere.

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Facts about Lithosphere 9: the continental lithosphere

The continental lithosphere has the mean density of 2.7 g per cu cm. It is always linked with the continental crust.



Facts about Lithosphere 10: the oceanic lithosphere

The oceanic crust is always connected with the presence of oceanic lithosphere. The mean density is around 2.9 g per cu cm.

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