10 Facts about Little Bighorn

Post On: February 14, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Little Bighorn talk about the Battle which occurred between the seventh Cavalry Regiment of US Army and the combined forces of Arapho, Northern Cheyenne and Lakota tribes. It was recognized as the Battle of the Greasy Grass among the Plain Indians and Lakota tribe. It took place on 25-26 June 1876. The battlefield was situated nearby the Little Bighorn River of Montana Territory. That is why; it is called as Little Bighorn Battle. During the Great Sioux War of 1876, Little Bighorn was considered as a notable action. Let us get other facts about Little Bighorn by reading the following post below:

Facts about Little Bighorn 1: the victory

The combined forces of the Indian tribes earned the victory during the Battle of Little Bighorn. Chief Gall and Crazy Horse were some notable leaders of the Indians during the fight.

Little Bighorn Pic

Little Bighorn Pic

Facts about Little Bighorn 2: the leader of the US Army

George Armstrong Custer was the leader of the Custer Battalion, which consisted of 700 men defeated by the Indian tribes.  Custer, his nephew, brother in law and two of his brothers were killed during the battle.

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Facts about Little Bighorn 3: the casualties

There were 55 severely injured men and 268 dead men in the United States forces against the Indians.

Facts about Little Bighorn 4: the response toward the war

The Great Sioux War was one of the most important historic events in America. After the battle, the public response related to it was varied. Until 1960s, Custer and his forces were considered as the heroic figures among the Americans. However, the historians began to study more about battle and action of Custer extensively.

Little Bighorn Image

Little Bighorn Image

Facts about Little Bighorn 5: the conflict

The conflict between the native inhabitants of the Great Plains and European settlers who lived in America was unavoidable.

Facts about Little Bighorn 6: the history of Little Bighorn

When you learn about American history, Little Bighorn Battle is always included in the topic.

Facts about Little Bighorn

Facts about Little Bighorn

Facts about Little Bighorn 7: the tension

The tension grew between the Indians and European settlers, which led into the Sioux Wars, which occurred in 1854 to 1890.

Facts about Little Bighorn 8: the resistance

A number of the native inhabitants resisted to move from their homeland even though some of them agreed to reduce their reservation or even relocate to other reservations.

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Facts about Little Bighorn 9: the participants in the battle

The participants in the battle included the Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer who served as the commanding officer along with William W. Cooke, Major Marcus Reno, Charles Varnum, James Madison DeWolf and George Edwin Lord.

Little Bighorn

Little Bighorn

Facts about Little Bighorn 10: an obelisk

The soldiers of United participated in the battle were reburied. The grave was marked by an obelisk for commemorating them.

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